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Location: Monroeville, PA


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The Academy Is...

Rock / Indie / Alternative

Hoffman Est, IL

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The Switch Kids!

Pop / Rock / Powerpop

Oakmont, PA

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Angels And Airwaves Pro

Alternative / Rock


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The Fully Down

Punk / Rock / Metal

Ottawa, ON

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Hit The Lights Pro

Rock / Punk / Emo

Lima, OH

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  • GaruRocker said:
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  • Go_LOCOTA said:
    Hola, soy Go! de LOCOTA. Somos una banda que versiona en ska, punk y otros ritmos temas de Sergio Denis, Amistades Peligrosas, La Base, Natalia Oreiro, entre otros. Te dejo el link para que, si tenas ganas, escuches nuestro primer ep \"Grandes exitos\". Saludos! http://www.purevolume.com/locota Dec 14
  • spencerlane fan page said:
    Hey spencerlane fan! We wanted to let you know that we are creating a page just for you all. More details coming soon!Love,spencerlane Oct 07
  • Hotspur said:
    hiii, i was hoping u could check out my band Hotspur\'s new CD at purevolume.com/hotspur. Add us if u like what u hear! Dave Aug 22
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    im basicly home alone too but it\'s cool then not. cuz nobody can bother you Jun 25
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    oh lol i wish i could but i have to watch/baby sit my sister and so yeah when she does some where then i do somthing like that Jun 25
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    sounds pretty fun. i just stay home all day. i do other stuff but that\'s just my normal day Jun 25
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    yeah i know what you mean...it gets pretty boring in the summer, well not boreing but non-entertaining Jun 25
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    yeah it\'s pretty anoying sometimes cuz i want to look up bands and yeah it doesnt let you...i think pv is better too Jun 25
  • Your So Intricate 777 said:
    uhhh i dont have myspace, it\'s blocked on my comp. so yeah that\'s why i got a PV Jun 25


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  • General: freakshow? maybe.

    All the people I know think my friends are freakshows because of our musical selection, and I really don't get it. Why do people have to assign stereotypes to music?…

    Jul 09, 2007

  • General: where has all the music gone?

    Am I the only one that is bothered by the fact that all this shitty synth pop is starting to sound the same? Don't get me wrong, I listen to and enjoy bands like Cute…

    Apr 27, 2006



**I'm mean only to those I care about **I don't hate anyone. To hate you, I have to respect you. **I write poetry..constantly **I'm as liberal as they come **Take me to a rock show and I'll love you forever **If you like a band that I dont know, tell me about them **If you're in a band, let me hear you play **I believe that the vast majority of music died somewhere around 1982...and yet the post-death-of-music stuff still rocks my pants off. **I like cuddling **My life revolves around music **Both life and music should be high voltage **You should give me a hug because I'd like it a lot **Boys in tight pants=sexiest thing on earth **You know, black is this year's pink! **Kissing is fun **Comments make me smile **Rain is the best kind of weather...especially thunderstorms **I like to lay outside at night and look at the stars **Sunsets are way better than sunrises **Sleep is overrated **I think clothing is also overrated **I'm a sucker for flattery **George Bush makes me angry **Making out makes me happy **Crowdsurfing is fun. **So are mosh pits, but dont get hurt! **I hate people, But I love you!**

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