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Home automation is the process through which the home can be improved to increase the comfort, safety and efficiency of life. Home automation can connect lighting, telecommunications, entertainment, security, heating and air conditioning into one centrally controlled system. Once the home automation system installed, your home into a tool that helps you to work every day.

Alarm systems Kata Bijak Margahayuland news

How does it work?

Microprocessor receives commands from the controller and then pass them on other equipment and systems in your home. You can interface with the system through a keypad, screen TVs, computers, phones, touch screens, panic buttons, remote handheld or other device.

Wiring systems

A typical home should include: 4 pairs twisted pair telephone cable (category5 preferred) and double-shielded coaxial cable, a home run to the junction box with access to electricity are available, accessible and consumer outlets for the system connections. This way you can distribute all the systems in the home. You can also enjoy energy savings by having access to utility price signals, easy access from the home to a number of services, from shops to banks. You can have a whole house control.

You want to do the wiring so well that later can have the best access to it, not only to connect the system, but also to repair. You can use home run wiring - this means that you can run all the wires together in a PVC pipe.

Find an installer Alarm systems Kata Bijak Margahayuland news

The best way to find a professional to install the system is to ask the manufacturer to provide you with some information. A good installer will ask you lots of questions to help meet your needs. Ask him if he can give you the training for the new system.

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