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Strapless style and A-line silhouette help you to win appreciation.

The selection of bridesmaid dresses need to pay attention to what? Fresh and elegant color short length dress has always been the bridesmaids‚EUR(TM) the heart of love. The lovely short dress contrast grand and warm floor-length dress of the bride, which can both show the status and hostess identity of the bride, and show a young beautiful lady image of the bridesmaid, good point right? Bridesmaids on the wedding day, it is necessary for whom to drink wine, joke and make lively atmosphere, but also help the bride to take the entire scene into consideration, but also keep the various aspects of the makeup and deportment in mind, so that we cannot help lamenting bridesmaid is really a tough role to play it well! So the only reward is a stylish bridesmaid dress for them! Beautiful clothes not only enable them dress up more beautiful as well as brings about a beautiful mood!

The scattered skirt is light and elegant, the ribbon belt around her waist brighten the entire dress.

In addition to the much-anticipated of the bride and groom on wedding day, the maid of honor is also beautiful scenery to be mentioned in the wedding. The choice of bridesmaid dresses is particularly important, not only sets off the glamorous bride but also seize the opportunity to show the her own style, have to say that it is indeed a test of the bridesmaids IQ moment.

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. Delicate handmade flowers are in full bloom at the skirt, swaying with the pace.

The yellow became active in the wedding scene this time. In summary, although the maid of honor play the role of green leaves lining safflower, but not just a foil in the wedding, can also become a beautiful landscape. The brilliant color always holds the entire occasion in the wedding scene and smooth out the atmosphere.

The pink mix color dress is always a surprise to us, timeless color, restrained and full of tension, our maid of honor throw off a different flavor in a quiet and mature way. So short and fresh and elegant evening gowns is the most suitable for bridesmaids, revealing your beautiful leg, striding generous pace, showing the youthful vigor! Persun ensure you understand how to choose the bridesmaid dresses.


Fresh blue brings the feel of the romantic atmosphere of the seaside. Just be low-keyed, do not grab the bride‚EUR(TM)s attention

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