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The Risen Music

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Brantford, ON

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Spoken Pro

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Fayetteville, AR

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  • fallensodonth8onme said:
    oh i understand completle i havent been on in a while either but once i get my computer back ill be on alot more Jul 04
  • fallensodonth8onme said:
    hello there long time no chatt Apr 14
  • kristin. said:
    haha oh...life in winkler is a little less than fun! how is life out there! :) Mar 31
  • fallensodonth8onme said:
    im from tulsa oklahoma, where are you from? the song pieces is like the theme song 2 my life!!! im not even kidding! Mar 24
  • vlad dracul said:
    hey! hello! I invite to you to listen to more in: %u2026 www.virb.com/almadeacero Mar 11
  • Trextricolor said:
    Hey! How\'s it going? I\'m inviting you to check out my band at www.purevolume.com/ultimainstancia We\'re from Brazil. If you like it, add us! Bye! Mar 07
  • said:
    srry bout that last comment rog purson! but i doo like ur band! Mar 07
  • said:
    omg i luv ur band! i am listnin to them rite now! i am listnin to my fav song by u guys please dont wake up! omg i luv it! have u added me on myspace yet? u should we could talk sum more! lol EmoKittyAmbur@hotmail.com Mar 07
  • vlad dracul said:
    hey! listen to my metal, can you resist to something diferent? www.purevolume.com/alejandroponce www.purevolume.com/metalhardsoul Mar 07
  • said:
    yeah sure! but u \'ll have to add me cuz my computer wont let me add no one rite now! srry. my iz EmoKittyAmbur@hotmail.com k! by the way i am good! lol *buh byess* luv ya hun! :] Mar 05


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