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Call It A Night

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East Fishkill, NY

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Jimmy Eat World Pro

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Phoenix, AZ

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Lifehouse Pro

Pop / Rock

Agoura Hills, CA

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The Fray

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Denver, CO

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Jamestown Story

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Nashville, TN

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  • ScreamAndHide said:
    how are you my new friend =D.. soo can u tell me a joke =P looks like your really good at it xD xx Jun 06
  • daynXcore said:
    oo haha i love thoes..and i used to have a snes ..i had batman and super mario and donkey kong..thoes were the best ones..but i had more. mmm im sorry i could kill you in GH II! May 04
  • coonba201 said:
    hay! yes we are. and if you plan something else that day i will go all CRAZY ITALIAN on your ass! ;) jkjk. anywyas. ahh i c youve been listening to the JUNIOR VARSITY. i freakin looove them :D wahoo. Apr 25
  • coonba201 said:
    hey babe yeah i just got on here in like weeeeeks. so i added a bunch of bands and your right secondhand serenade pretty much rocked my day. :D miss you \"( btw the starting lines gonna be at warped too bad you \"dont want to go\" with me! :( Apr 24
  • dawebbhead said:
    ha, yeah i\'d like to say i\'m good at soccer but i\'m not that great. i ran track my 8th grade year, but i was too lazy to do it this year. not yet. me and my friends are working on it, i\'ll be sure to let you know once we have something recorded. unfortunately we are a little short on money. Apr 24
  • dawebbhead said:
    oh man that stinks. we don\'t do too much but we meet every sunday and then go on small trips in the summer. we\'re going to NC this summer. yeah, i play soccer. it\'s pretty much been my life since i was like 7 years old. do you play anything else other than volleyball? Apr 22
  • dawebbhead said:
    yeah, that would be pretty cool. especially if there was a good show going down around here. but oh well. I\'m doing mighty fine. just about to go to youth group, so i\'m looking forward to that. how about you? Apr 22
  • dawebbhead said:
    haha, well don\'t let me get in the way of your plans. I bet there\'s more to do in Texas than there is in Florida. Ft. Myers is like the boring capitol of the world haha Apr 22
  • dawebbhead said:
    I\'m doing really good. I\'m not too excited about school getting out. I\'m not a big fan of my house and knowing me that\'s normally what happens. So I\'d rather be in school but oh well. Apr 21
  • dawebbhead said:
    thank you =] don\'t know how much i appreciate that, no one ever tells me what they think. how are you? Apr 20


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  • General: yo cracka

    hey guys! wow this is fun. ok so i'm kinda new around here so.. be nice and befriend me

    Aug 25, 2006



My fave verse of all time ;-) Because your love is greater than life, my lips will glorify you. Psalm 63:3

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