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i dont like this videoi just need the lyrics...lol

Posted Dec 05, 2006 at 12:00am



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  • General: yes its ture

    yes its ture i was was pushed in to the school of fish and got a myspace. i know ur most likely think poser but i dont care if u want to add me heres my link http://ww…

    Feb 24, 2007

  • General: dont mind this

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXwOMIQOs6o&NR i dont like this videoi just need the lyrics...lol

    Dec 05, 2006

  • General: Hellz yea Bitches

    on this date de 4th 2006 the ravens won their 1st varisty hockey game their 1st game thier 1st win and sooo much to to come!!!!! they are the 1st ravens to win their 1s…

    Dec 04, 2006

  • General: my life

    My Life My life was black till I found the light the light was you. After I found it my life got better. Then you disappeared my life I guess is okay but not as good as…

    Nov 07, 2006

  • General: the truth is told

    The Truth Is Told The truth is told youre an ass you go for the people that hate you rather than me. The truth is told you dont know how to pick them you say that no on…

    Nov 07, 2006



Only Add me if your going to talk to me! I allready have enough who just want to up their friend count Empty is the skies before the sun wakes up Empty is the eyes in animals in cage Empty the faces of women in mourning and everything has been taken from them Me, don't ask me about empty Chiodos you know i love being with you and seeing you cry... no jkjkjk lol lol lol i heart your fucking makeup. Oh my god i love your hair! is tht new tattoo? did that pericing fucking hurt? no jkjkjk lol lol lol The Medic Droid They never bother with his dreams only thinking of theirs. And they wonder why he never calls Cartel my name's alexis you can call me dino if you want i am a crazy person that yes wears a bandan in her right pocket not her left i play ice hockey right winger ; ] i was the only girl on my schools varsity ice hockey team untill i was kicked off becuase summer league was a "must" that no one told the girl about... i play varsity softball right field(yes i am a girl of rights) i always have my ipod or sometype of music with me at all times i dress the way i want with a mix of what i like my shop is the slavation army or hot topic i try to skate board but sometimes it doesn't work out i love to rollerblade and play street hockey i work at one of the koolest places in NJ oh yeah i work at six flags and i love it i talk to everyone i meet cause im just kool like that if you want to know more about me just ask and i might tell =] myspace me fur sur www.myspace.com/alexis_says_rawr via videosift.com

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