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Best shipping container homes design architecture ideas 2017 - House design with a minimalist style is estimated to be in the year 1920 has developed, but has not been as popular as it is now. Just getting started in the year 1990 the concept that brings the simplicity of this little known people and continue to undergo rapid development ten years afterward.

Many people argued the House design minimalist discrete form of the House is simple, yet still have the value of beauty with the more airy (see examples of other minimalist house design).

The actual beginning of the emergence of the concept of minimalist house design is as a form of efficiency of use of building materials. On the concept design of the House, normally the use of building materials is very excessive. In addition it can cause terkurasnya of natural resources, are also in need of funds not a bit. See on youtube: Shipping container homes

Emphasis on the function of use of building materials and accessories in a more minimal has a strong emphasis of the model home. Likewise with the wearing of the decoration wasn't too needed so that the efficiency of the use of more materials can be optimized. Of course the designer home has its own challenges in making the draft or design minimalist house model. Nowadays many new models offered by designers home either in composition as well as its shape.

Here are some examples of minimalist house design model:

Since the minimalist House sought after by many, the designers of the House always offers the latest home models. One of the House design minimalist 2017 is accentuate the elegant and modern side for prospective purchasers. Indeed the current side are elegant and mern became one of the most selling power minimalist House this year.

Minimalist house design 2 floor is suitable for the number of large families. The choice of a good space order by presenting a modern architectural style might present a room that is quite extensive. In addition, the use of materials of building materials also have to be selective. Discuss it with experts to design a minimalist house design 2 floors. You can find a lot of inspiration images on the net to find the right choice.

Minimalist house design types 21 belong to the small houses with an area of 21 square meters. It takes the right design when building the House of this type. Exactly once if we use this concept due to the minimalist model will be able to maximize the space in land use. The residents still had enough space and a model of minimalist House will also make the House looks modern.


Build a House with two floors, minimalist house design types 36 will provide a broad space for the occupants. Is a minimalist house 36 type 2 floors here are spacious ground floor (one) home that is 36 square meters, while the other floors can vary. Generally no larger than the other floors. The option order of spaces is still needed in this design, lest there is unused order.

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