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A baby monitor is known as “baby alarm” which is like radio system used by remotes or to listen to sounds of little ones. There are many kinds of monitors gadgets that is used due to the busy schedule of parents, for privacy purposes, due to distance /separate rooms. The best baby monitors are those monitors which provide multiple functions in one time. However, one of the primary use for the baby monitor is to allow attendance or to hear the infant  when your baby awakes.

Types of Baby Monitors

Meanwhile, 10babythings are providing the perfect range of monitor gadgets. There are different types of baby monitors:

1.    Audio baby monitors:

Audio monitors consist of transmitter units which are equipped with the microphone. It sounds like radio waves with a speaker, to the receiver unit, the person caring for an infant or listen to the sounds of infant/ little one. Some baby monitors provide two-way communications, which allow the caring person or parents to speak back & some includes background music.

2.    Video baby monitors (baby cam):

Baby cam monitor is used to show pictures/ video on the receiver unit. Some baby cam has the feature to work at night; they show the picture in the darkroom by automatically switch on night vision mode. Many advanced baby cams come on the market, which can work with the help of Wi-Fi. So, parents can watch them through smartphones.

3.    Movement monitors:

Movement monitors use sensor pads which are placed under the infant’s mattress if the movement is stopped an alarm will activated.

4.    Wired and wireless monitors:

Usually monitors use the wireless system but can also use wire system or may operating over existing household wiring. However, the best baby monitors system use radio frequencies, digital audio wireless system use DECT.

5.    Smartphone as baby monitors:

Smartphone apps allow the users to monitor cam-equipped device & Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can link the camera to a dedicated app on smartphone or tablet. It means there is no need to place a smart device in the baby’s room.

6.    Several transmitter and multifunctional monitors:

Parents can carry portable battery-operated receivers around the house, they have several transmitters and can monitor in several rooms at once. Some monitors also can include two receivers and may visible signals as well as repeating sound. Some have vibrating alert which is useful for those people who have a hearing difficulty. They have included transmitters with sensors like beneath the child’s mattress a pressure-sensitive mat is placed.

Reasons to get baby monitors:

The most important reasons to get a baby monitor are the following:

Safety and peace of mind: Having monitors will allow parents to know what’s going on in the baby’s room, they can be alert every time & it’s not always about safety but for your peace of mind.

- Sleep & rest: If you have not had an adequate sleep, then it causes depression and irritability so, having a monitor will allow you to go to a different room and get some deserved, quality rest.

However, these monitors can be considering the best 10babythings monitors due to performing several functions.


Posted Feb 13, 2017 at 1:09pm



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