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  • General: R.I.P Dylan Christopher Takao Alao.

    R.I.P Dylan Christopher Takao Alao. 9/19/90-4/21/09  i just wanna thank you for all the times you been there for me. you were always there when i needed a shoulder to c…

    May 31, 2009

  • General: Suuurvey

    TELL ME ABOUT YOURSELF - The SurveyName:Amanda Birthday:dec 22Birthplace:hawaii :)Current Location:still hawaii :(Eye Color:brownHair Color:dark dark brownHeight:5 ftRi…

    Jun 24, 2008

  • General: Emo genocide in mexico

    Ok today my fren told me about what was goin on in mexico and think its totally wrong...punks r beatin the shit outa emos and even killin some thats not cool!! emos wil…

    Apr 24, 2008

  • General:

    Im 5ft; black hair; brown eyes; 100% chinese; Im quiet and shy to others; loud and weird with friends; i love music of all kinds; i love boys :); You can find m…

    Apr 06, 2008



Name:Amanda Location:a island in hawaii Get to know me :) Quote in my head: "Just take a chance and try to hold my hand i swear ill never let go"

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