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moe - ok so some of this might not make a whole lot of sence because i was writing this on my school forum. but i though about putting it in here. and though what the heck. if you don't like religion and you want no part in it. then don't make a big deal about it. just don't read it.

you're not brainwashing kids by teaching that god is good at a young age.
i was raised christian.
and i'm not perfect.
i'm far from.
two months ago i was
partying, smoking [a lott], had 6 diffrent guys and 3 diffrent girls,
i cussed people out like a mother.
and i recently came back to christ.

why do you think little kids belive chritianty so easily.
little kids just... know things.
they see things that teens and adults just can't put their heads around.

although i hate being called religiouse because it sounds so proper.
and i hate it when "christians" call out pro choice people, or drug-attics, or achohalics, gays, people who aren't "perfect" in their eyes.
because they say they wanna be "Like Jesus"
and then they only hang out with the people who are "good" in their eyes.
the people who go to church 10+ times a day
and read the bible like it's some cult.

Jesus hung out with the people who weren't saved.
people like me. people who were lost in their life and didn't know where to turn.
girls that were going to be preggnant if they kept going with their lives.
people who felt lost and the only way they knew how to be essentially happy
was to party, do druggs, drink, have sexx.
Jesus hung out with those people.
not the people who thought they knew it all.

people try to understand the world.
Albert Eintine said the more he studied the universe the more he belived in a higher power.
the world wasn't ment for us to understand.
it was ment for us to give us a beautiful place to live.
it was ment to give us food.
it was ment for us to meet friends and have a family.
for us to have kids so they might belive that god is real.
and not only that god is real.
but that he loves us.
and not onnly that he loves us.
but that we might love him back.

jesus isn't walking around in the world today.
so he gave us the bible to help us get to know him.
it's there to be able to hear his voice.
how can you say "well god never talks to me like he does to christians (as though they say)"
when you don't know what he sounds like?
you know how you have YOUR type of writing.
everyone knows me because of the way i typee.
douple letters are a MUSTT.
and if i were to pretend to be someone else.
you would know it was me because of the way i write.
now the bible is the way god talks.
he talks in riddles and parables.
but that the way He talks.
i started reading the bible a couple weeks ago.
and i'm not prefect at reading it every day.
but i try.
but every time i read it.
it getts easier and easier to hear him.
when i'm hanging out with a guy.
and their like "hey you wanna go back behind the building so we can make out"
i feel more sick to my stomach. i feel god's emotions almost.
where before.
i don't know what i would do. but it deffinetly would be more than making out.

God changed my life.
So God or no God?
you decide for yourself.
Guy 1 - No God.
But I respect you'r opinion.
Guy 2 - I believe there is a god and only one God. Does that mean I am a conservative boy who doesn't drink party or w/e? No, i certainly do all that stuff. To be honest i'm kinda not totally there with Him right now but i know things will work out. I just think i need time to think. But yes, i believe in God.
And you nailed it by saying "the world wasn't meant for us to understand." God can't be understood from a logical approach. you have to believe with faithand the evidence of His creation around us. k, im done
Girl 1 - Ahh well, No God.
I don't understand if 'God' is supposed to be so gentle and answer our prayers, and 'watching over us', then why the hell do we continue to have so many disasters and such? What kind of 'God' would sit by and let the Holocaust happen? Our the spanish Flu that whiped out have the population? I'm sorry, I do respect your opinion, but I don't agree with it.
Moe - the holocaust - it was horrible but it was man's own free will. he promised us that he gave us all free will. and hitler got what he deserved. he's rotting in hell to this day. the children who died, they're in heaven having the timmme of their life. and the people who survived. they're thankful, they survived one of the mort horrible things in history and they get to live to see their kids, and grandkids, and have a story to tell them.

spanish flu - i'm not up to day with that. but there was a reason behind it.
why would god flood the whole world except one family. why would he burn a whole bunch of cities. the reason he did that was because the people that were in those cities or in the world. they were unsavable. they were just turning all the people who loved god away from him. i can't explain it. it's not good. but people came through. and we have to think about the now. the past is done. we can't do anything about it. today is here, to be lived in and change the world. tommorow may not be here
Girl 1 - Technically, Tomorrow never comes, so really.. If you're living for tomorrow, does that mean you are living for nothing? seeing as, tomorrow never actually comes..
Guy 1 - Does the bible not state that upon death, God will absolve you of ALL your sins?
Did Jesus not die for ALL our sins?
By that reckoning Mr. Hitler is in 'Heaven' right now.
Moe - jesus died for sin. tis true
but jesus said that "the only way to heaven is thru me."
means you have to love him and live for him and live with him with you or else there's no way to heaven.
sin isn't premerrital sexx, druggs, lying, murder. those aren't good things,
but sin is seperation from god.
think of it like a big cannon.
god is on the beautiful side with just a georgouse veiw.
the devil is the pit. fire and pain, deppression, hurt, unloveing, disgust, scarry.
we're on a the other side of that cannon. gray, some things that will make us feel better, but only for a while. there only true happieness is where god is.
how do we gett to the pretty side ?
think of the cross as a bridge.
jesus walks with us across that bridge and helps us if we ask for help. we can't do it on out own.

now the question.
"If Jesus/God loves us so much, why does my life suck??"
Because God isn't the only one with power.
the devil has powers that can curropt the mind of anyone.
he breaths thoughts into our heads.
he can touch us in sensual ways to make us want to do things that turn us away from god.
also. when you become christian. creat a relationship with jesus. life doesn't *SNAP* oh now my life is great.
it just getts harder. the devil tries whispers louder and caresses sweeter. he reallie does. but that's our cross.

sin must be punished. God says that. he says that "For the wages of sin is Death." [Romans 6:23]
so we MUST die. essentially.
when we "die" it's the person we usued to be. the person who followed the crowd. that person muust die. the choice iss. Have our human self be burned. or our spirit.

so back to what i was saying. we have to carry our cross with jesus. we have people mock us, and torture us for what we belive. we loose friends, family even.
now comes a new question
"For what. How do you know this is true."
and honestly.
i'm not 100% sure aobut life. and death.
Jesus talked in parables a lot of the time. which made some things clearer. but it could also be that it ment something greater than my comprehension.
I know that my friends will leave me one day. My family will leave me one day. but God, see he doesn't leave me ever. It may seem that he's ignoring me. but it's either me that shut him out. or he has somehting planned for me. i just have to be patient.
that's what i said. we live for now. we live today. cause tommorw is essentially nothing.
Guy 1 - You know there is speculation that Hitler was a practicing Catholic?


God is said to be Perfect, in every concieveable way, if something is perfect, it has to do nothing except exist, why would God, feel the need to "create" life?
In doing so, he shatters the image of perfection and creates a paradox etc etc...
Guy 3 - Ya I Believe In God :]
I Kinda Need to Know That In The End There is Something Out There :]
moe - Not nessicarrily.
we were created in the immage of god.
we were perfect.
adam and eve were perfect.
but when sin came.
we were made into sin.
living in it.
that's why men are laborors
and women are child berrors.
[and this is why i'm having a very strong convorsation with eve because now i have to be in pain when i have kids -_-]

i don't know what you know about Saten/the devil/Lucifor/whatever.
He was on the left hand of God WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY way way way back when, before time.
he wanted to rule on his own but god didn't let him. so he left heaven, and made himself a home in hell. and he haaated god.
He hate's almost everyhting. he Loves to hate god. to hate his creation [us].
so essentially [look i said it agian] he will do anything to pull us away from god. which is why all this shittie stuff happens in our lives.
Guy 1 - If we were created in the image of God, then he is not perfect.
If we were perfect, then there would have been no reason for Adam and Eve to of eaten the apple.
Perfect things do nothing except exist.
Girl 2 - there is a god cause if there waseent who made us and i dont belive that apes or monkeys majicly turnedinto humans and we became alive
Moe -
essentially [oh like the 50'th time i've used that word] that was the WERE.
maybe i shouldn't have said we were perfect.
now i don't know why god created us.
but he was alone in the universe. if he would'a created aliens instead of people then we would still be having this convo but with green skin and blue/pink hair.
and agian that's not our place to know why. at least not yet.
and there was no sin in the world. till saten though it was a good idea to currupt our human minds.
easlily curruptable.
someone tells you you're ugly
you shrug it off and say you don't care. 5 minutes later you go look in the mirror.
it's the way we are.
the way god made us. to be imperfect. to love oneanother. to be a friend. to share love. god's love. the love he gave us.

Posted May 28, 2009 at 1:34pm

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    There is a g0d, . . . Ask me s0me specific questi0n b0ut these matter and ill try my best to answer it, im just thankful that we were n0t perfect, cause being n0t perfect means a l0t of challenges, and challenges makes us a better person, triumph over challenges in life makes us feel g0od and leaves a g0od experience, and a failure on life's challenge gives a bad experience "but" fr0m these err0r and failure we "learn" and bec0me knowledgable fr0m that experience, . . . as the bible says, "all g0od things and bad things w0rk t0gether 4 g0od" theres always something g0od that will happen in y0ur life, just have "faith" Jun 26

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