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Kristi - "The typical movie scenarios where people meet each other, go on a date, and fall in love all in the same day are riduculous to me." hahaha i used to agree with you untill it happened to me. but the movies show perfect relationships with one hard ship and then tehy live happly ever after. ..... RIGHHHHHHTTT ... sure you have a good time but there's always jelously, not seeing eachother enough, regular everyday problems. but if you love eachotehr then you just talk to eachother about it and figure it out. you have to talk ... that's the map to a relation ship .. the treasure chest is the happie ending and the key is your love for eachother . you have to get it right or you can't open chest. xD i like metophors. "Love is a Battlefeild" is almost correct. Love is a bloddy, gorry, disgusting, metoroic, most beautiful thing you will ever know kind of battlefeild. full of other people you need to kill, but with more poeple on your own side. ok i'm stating to mix love in with life. but i guess that's a good thing. love is life ... if you don't have love you don't have a life. what kind of love that is, is up to you but you. Kurai-Kokoro-Enjeru - "I think a relationship should be a friendship with that extra feeling of connection and commitment - love. A boyfriend or girlfriend should be your best friend. They should be someone you can chill with, stress-free. There shouldn't be all this pressure and complexity. Things should just flow - you're not supposed to have to try to be in love." completly agree with you .... a boyfriend should be your best friend. someone you can talk to with out being judged and just feel comfortable with. no stress. and someone that you don't just talk about s3x with. it should be just a best friend that you're with forever and you like to be with him. trying to be in love is complicatedd xD ... if you're in love you'll ust know it by the way he looks in your eyes, by the way he smiles when you laugh, by the way he holds your hand and puts his arms around you. the problems make you think that you're not in love anymore. but when you just don't think about it for a while and you do soemthing else and then come back to it randomly things start to get clearer in your head. like if there's a girl who likes your bf and he hangs out with her a lot and he's taking her to some kind of dance and going to her partys it doesn't mean that anyhtings going on. that why i said just talk aobut it. if he loves you you'll know it. wow i think i'm the altimate love guru xD

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ok so my blog comments don't work so if you want to comment my blog please just comment it to me on the page. thanks! i guess the reason why we want love so much is because it's the closest thing to magic you're so hardcore :] who loves god and all her faith is in him. that doesn't mean that i don't screw up. but there's just something about jesus. there's just something about that name. something that i can't even know till i'm up in heaven. i know that if i'd die today, that's where i'll go. now don't get me wrong i am 14 and i love to have funn :] read my blog to find out more about me :]

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