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  • orchestra pyro said:
    go acdc and sweet page. May 23
  • ClandestineBat01 said:
    omg!! you know to?? wow. i guess it\'s back to juice boxes. =) Jul 26
  • said:
    thanks for adding joker227 Jul 23
  • 1unknown2all said:
    whats wrong with you?? who sets a blog for next year?? whats that about? lol. Jul 23
  • Thur said:
    New Band FAKE 160 Jul 23
  • 1unknown2all said:
    i was gonig to say have fun, but since im 2 days late, ill say, i bet you had fun! Jul 22
  • scceraddictx said:
    yea, i can suck to my dad:] haha but my mom no way in hell. Jul 21
  • iLoVeYoU!!!yOuLoVeMe said:
    i dont get it but alright. Jul 21
  • ClandestineBat01 said:
    haha. well wht would u do if you nvr got out of it? then u die and never get to get drunk? get drunk first underage at 20 thn go into acoma. wait tht does not make sence. nvm. stay above the influence!! i feel drunk now. im drinking water. how does this happen Jul 20
  • said:
    yeah thats true unless u love to move Jul 20


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    sorry guys, i don't really use purevolume anymore, i mainly use facebook, and my phone. so if i don't respond, don't take it personally.

    Oct 12, 2007

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    Mar 29, 2007

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    Dec 25, 2006



Oh my god. i just checked this thing for the first time in like 3 years. dear god. why didn't anyone tell me i was such a horrible speller? and i also thought i was semi-mature at 13. obviously not. have you read any of this billboard? this is just embarrassing i apologize for this jumble of letters and numbers. please ignore all of it. all you need to know is that i love music, i love life, and i love a girl. that is all, thank you ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Live.Love.Learn. Ok this is Life - rock = nothing (a.k.a Steve-o, or Stephen, whichever u prefer, most people call me Steve-o thou, even my teachers) i think my PV name is tru, don't you? well i do.... i don't care what u think! but w/e, Oh And that pic up there. it IS me, Finally, i got a pic of myself up! im so happy! My Fave 3 Artists Will Always Remain The Same, It's My 4th Fave Is The One That Changes With Time, My 4th Fave Is Usaully The Band I'm Listening To At The Moment. And Next To My 4th fave band i will put the song I am mainly listening to by them. Here They Are. 1. AC/DC 2. A.F.I 3. Taking Back Sunday 4. Blaqk Audio (The Whole CD) Ok some stuff about me.... I'm a real nice person... i cant STAND 2 have some1 mad at me 4 the rite reason, i meen if some1s mad at me cuz i dont dress good or somehting like that, I dont care, but if some1s mad at me cuz i said something or did something that i meant, I cant STAND it, and the only thing on my mind is making up with them, my freinds think im pretty funny, we do so much crazy stuff, if u wanna heer a story about something about what we did, just ask, i luv tellin those stories. Like Just This weekend I chugged an entire pitcher of Hershey's Liquid Chocolate. I didnt feel so great afterwards. I Am learning how 2 play guitar, i think im doin pretty good, considering the amount of time i've spent on it. o and my guitar teachers name is Esteban. now isnt that cool? I dont like using the words love and hate in real life situations, and i dont c y other ppl use them either. I understand Loving SOMEONE but not SOMETHING, and u can hate SOMEONE but not SOMETHING, but u can have a strong dislike or a strong like for things. I meen you cant absolutly hate every single aspect about some1, there has 2 b something u like about them, like there goodlooking of there charming or there funny or athletic, and u cant straight up love every aspect of some, there has to be a couple things u wish u could change about them, like they might laugh ALOT or they mite snort when they laugh, or they try and be funny but really arent, or they're a poser or something like that, so my idea is that, if u "Like" some one, then you like about 3/4 of some1's aspects, if u LOVE them, then u like 4/5 (which is more than 3/4 for all u mathemeticians out there) of there aspects (or more) if u dont really like some1 then u dont really like 1/2 of there aspects, if u HATE some1 then u dislike 4/5's of there aspects, just remeber, before u reach 4 hate, try and get 2 no some1 and find some aspects that u like about them, and before u drop 2 one knee and pop that special question, really get to no that person and make sure he/she is not a fake or an imitation. and i understand HATING or LOVING a thing, cuz there arent many aspects of things, color, texture, weight, and some other small things, but really there arent many aspects, so its much easier to hate than a person, You know, i'm not gonna say "Don't Label Me, I'll get mad i hate labels" because truth be told i dont like labels, but its human instict to categorize people, to put people into slots of who u think u can trust and who u wanna b freinds with and who u think is Suicidal and who u think is Homicadal, yes labels r annoying, but we label each other Sub-Conciscously, we dont make the choice. r minds do it for us. think about it, u categorize things and people everyday. So, u no i dont like labels, but we were made to put people into slots/categories. I'm really a Fun Loving Guy, I hate when i'm mad or sad and always love when I'm laughing, thats y my freinds r who they r, there funny and they make me laugh, I'm always smiling and when I'm not its usually cuz i'm in physical pain or cuz... actually thats just about the only reason i wouldnt be smilng. I'm almost Always being sarcastic, i cant recall a time i was serious around my freinds. But If you want me 2 b Serious about something cuz u want my opinion or have a problem and want my advice, i can change like *snaps* that! But seriously, I LOVE to have fun and smile. =D I do think little babies r cute, and ne1 who doesnt is really messed up. You know,it really bugs me when ppl get depressed and start crying and get really moody when they break up with there BF/GF, becasue what your 14,15,16, mabye 17 years old? u goota keep in mind when u start that its not gonna last 4ever, unless ur in like college, then it mite last 4ever (((alot of ppls parents met in college))) sooo if ur 18 or above im okay with it... but if ur 17 or under, plz dont freak over a relationship, As my Late Grandmother once said "Stephen, In Highschool, get as many Girlfreinds as you want, but in college, just focus on one." i meen she's right., in highschool, its not gonna last 4ever and ur gonnna meet new ppl, unless ur 1 of those freaky ppl who fall in love with a person when they say Hello, ne ways,... just what i think.... its not gonna last 4ever, and personally i like being single alot more than being taken.... ;DDD so i was just throwin some thoughts around, and i heard this liine from a song "I'm falling head over heals 4 u" i heard that in a song and i thought... aren't our heads always over our heals? they are... ya... our heels are at the bottom of us and our heads are at the top... so shouldnt it b im falling heels over head? yes it should... Ya no, if u beleive in love at first sight, ur kind of a moron, i no i no ur the romantic type and u love to fall in love, but think about it, u see some1 and u *snap* fall in love like that, i think not, and besides they could end up 2 b a total jerk, and besides it doesnt matter if U see them and u fall in love, THEY have to see u and fall in love 2 make in "count". ne ways think about a public situation, u see some1 and becasue you "fell in love" with them when u saw them, u start starting at them, there just gonna turn around and see you staring at them and b like "Who The Hell Are You? Freak..." and then walk off laughing at you with His/Her Freinds... so... Sure I'd Like it 2 exist. but in reality love at first sight is only in the movies... You know they say that The Only thing thats important is what you think about ur self and what other ppl think doesnt matter and u shouldnt care... BUT when ur thoughts aobut urself r negative. whats happens? u need other ppl's thoughts that r positive about u 2 cheer u up and keep u out of depression... so others ppl's thoughts DO matter. Myspace is NOT a place 4 freinds, its a place 4 40year old fat white males 2 find out ware u live and come to your house and sexualy molest you, thats y i dont have 1 These People from minnestota keep calling me on my phone and they keep asking "is Jaqline there?" i say no, they say "do u no where i can reach her?" i say no, and they say thx and hang up, then they call me AGAIN the next day, its been going on since november. OMG its sooo annoying, they wont stop! I really don't no y, but i always have hispanic bands telling me 2 check them out, i've already had like 5 requests, and there all from like, chile... i got news 4 ya ppl... I DON"T SPEAK SPANISH! so when i go 2 there page (because they post the request in english) i hope there from america. but no... from chile... and all the songs r in spanish and the pro is in spanish... and im just left out in the dark... so if ur a spanish band and ur trying 2 advertise.. i respect u 4 going out there and trying 2 get ppl 2 listen but plz dont advertize with me... i dont speak spanish and i dont plan on learning so theres really no point and its getting old... thx... no hard feelings :DDDD If I've Heard a song, and i like it, I know the lyrics 2 it, thats my little claim 2 fame within my inner circle or freinds, i no just about every lyric to every song i've heard, I'm a musical guy, we took an IQ test in skool and it turned out i have Musical Intelligence. (((according to the IQ test))) the reason i no all those lyrics is probably cuz i'm really super Curious so i just want 2 no what they're saying. And i talk to myself quite a bit, theres nothing wrong with it, I meen, if you can think to yourself, y cant i talk to myself, and ppl always say, ya no. ""aw man, that guy talks to himself, he's crazy"" i meen they dont always say that, but u no what i meen, thinking to yourself and talking to yourself, are exactly the same thing, accept with 1, your using your vocal cords, and every1 can heer it. so. if u ask me a question(unless i'm trying 2 impress u) i'll tell u the truth, but if u ask me a question and u alrdy no waht the answer is but u just wanna hear it from some1(like if u no that ur overweight and u ask me if i think ur fat but u alrdy no the answer but just wanna heer it from some1), then i tell u the truth and u get mad at me, i'm not gonna care. im not emo, im not punk, im not prep, im not goth, im not a nerd, idk what i am.... I guess i dress punkish, (i have converse on with ripped jeans) so... You no what im really getting tired of? u no when parents or teachers ask u "why'd u do that?" and u tell them "Becuase (((Freinds Name Here))) Told Me To" And then they say. "well if they told you to jump off a cliff. would u?" Now what do u think the answer to tat is going 2 b? yes? I wouldnt jump off a cliff if some1 i new told me 2 because i would end up dead... now... my freind telling me to play some prank is different... The result is not my dead on the ground... so i'd probably do it if he told me 2 do somethhing like that... but he he tells me 2 jump off a cliff. im not gonna do it... Duh! The one thing that really confuses and buggs me is.. "i'm bringin sexy back." how can u bring something back, that was never gone? (im not trying 2 call myself sexy or ne thing, there plenty of sexy stuff in the world.) if justin timberlake is trying 2 say "im back, me" but reffering 2 him as "sexy" then y not just say "i'm bringin Justin Timberlake back." its much less annoying and harder 2 make fun of.. so Justin, next time, try not 2 call urself sexy, cuz then u'll get a bunch of shit about being selfish... ok? you no what else bugs me alot? Really Strict//Mean teachers, Like when we're doing a tornado drill in skool cuz. i live in texas and we get torandoes. so ne ways. we're ""suppose"" to be silent. but all the teachers r talking 2 each other and some of us and all the kids r chating. but i've got this 1 teacher whos like "ssssshhhh, stephen be QUITE" i meen what, is the torando gonna hear me? i meen really. and then i started playing patty cake with the guy next to me. we're not even talking. and every1 else is. but some how. I get sent 2 the principals office? for what? having A.D.D and not being able 2 sit still? i hate meen teachers. My life's dream is to go to Italy, mainly Venice but i'd b ok with Rome or Floerence, but i just want to see Venice and all of Italy, that place is so beatiful. I'm jealous of ppl who can say "Peace Out" or "Bro" or "Peace" and have it sounds non poser, so. OOO, I can do a Rubik's Cube, u can mess it up all ya want, and i can put it back together, but i cant do it in like 15 seconds (like those asain guys, no offense,) it takes me like a minute. my best time ever is 37 seconds, my average time is like 45 seconds or so., but yes i can do it. its amazing isn't it? haha. You no, it doesnt really make me mad when ppl say "why dont the presidents fight the wars" but it kinda annoys me. Lets just think in literal terms heer, if the presidents fought the war, they would b in Iraq, and b the prime target for the enemy, he's get shot within the first 2 days, then the Vice president would have to step up and b president and he would get shot in war, and then the house of representatives would have to elect a new president, and he would go to war, And it would be a countious cycle, and who the hell would focus on whats happening in the USA? ya cant do that when your getting shot at in the Middle east, so, ya no, just thought i let u guys no that. I dont care if ur gay or lesbo or Bi or what, as long as ur not a homicidal Maniac, I'll b ur freind. :). And i Absolutly LOVE hugs, idk y but i just love to hug ppl, esspecially girls, actually i dont think i hug ne guys... no i dont, but i LOVE hugs and i could never get tired of hugging someone, so ***Hug Me**** now! so Peace out 4 now. ooo that sounded ok... i guess... well thats all i can think of... ;) oooo and i Play Ice Hockey, ya thats rite i play hockey and i live in texas, beat that! O and 2 more things.... Angus Young Rocks Harder than you! and I'm madly in luv with my Chuck Taylors (Converse) yes if u look at the star on the shoe it says Chuck Taylor (hes the guy that helped make converse) so ppl call converse "Chucks" and im madly in luv with my "chucks" IF YOU READ MY ENTIRE BILLBAORD, PLEASE TELL ME IF YOU AGREE OR DISSAGREE WITH MY THOUGHTS, I HONESTLY CARE ABOUT YOUR OPINION, PLEASE TELL ME ABOUT WHAT YOU AGREE WITH AND WE'LL TALK ABOUT IT. (((peace))) And ya know, if u just read my entire billboard and u dont add me, thats just plain creepy, so if you took the time to read all this, ((((Add Me))))

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