• Sean Hurst said:
    Hey there friend! If you want to hear a happy dude singing happy tunes, feel free to check out my great friend over @ http://purevolume.com/takethree! He just came out with a new song 'The Beginning' to mark the beginning of his dream coming true someday, he would love it if you checked out one or two of his songs! Thanks!!! :) Mar 14
  • Jesse said:
    hey :) I saw you on Woe,Is Me's page. I have a band called Amyst, which is pretty similar to WIM, you should check it out :] we have a new song up that you can download for free. let me know what you think yeah? www.purevolume.com/amyst ~Jesse~ Jan 10
  • adriana said:
    hi please help me rate this poem http://www.poetry.com/poems/when-i-think-of-you/14493060/ i would really apreaciated it thanks!! Oct 09
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    LOL I see maybe when u get ur job ur mother is going to start to owe u money LOL jk and k :) btw mines is blahhhimamonster Aug 27
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Haha well is it safe to say that ur mom is cheap xD jkjk and well can I have ur sn just made aim account and It looks pretty empty LOL Aug 26
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    I'm guessing that ur In need of money huh xD btw do u have aim Aug 26
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Haha used to want to LOL and awesome good luck hopefully you do get the jobs :) Aug 25
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Congrats :) what jobs did you get I just recently quit my job LOL and nm got a new skateboard :):) Aug 25
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Haha yeah :) so what's new with you Aug 24
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Yeah haha my favorite actress is inthere Lindsay Lohan xD jkjk Aug 23
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Sounds like a very funny movie I want to see the movie machete Aug 22
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Wow really? I thought that movie wouldve sucked Aug 21
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Awesome :) was it any good Aug 21
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Same here :( just watching a movie Aug 20
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    :) Whats up Aug 19
  • Eeeeeeee said:
    Hey :) Aug 19
  • Sean Conroy said:
    It would be awesome if you could check out my band Altriad ... www.purevolume.com/altriad ... let us know what you think of our new debut song :] Aug 13
  • Ashley! said:
    Hey whats up?! I'm Ashley and I'm really liking your artists- they are some of my favorites! I play guitar in this brand new Pop/Rock band from Richmond, Virginia called The Greater The Risk and I think you might dig our music too! Check us out @ purevolume.com/thegreatertherisk- we've got a free download on there! Let me know what you think :)--Ashley Aug 12
  • Marcos Paulo said:
    hi how are you!?! ADD AND CHECK MY BAND OK!!!! www.purevolume.com/neatsoulns tankssss... Jul 05
  • shelsi said:
    Hi: http://www.purevolume.com/kraven , http://myspace.com/kravenrock Listen to Kraven at PureVolume.com Listen to Kraven at myspace.com Dec 11

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    Last Saturday was one of the coolest days of my life. I went to my first metalfest and had a total blast!! I got to meet my friend, Plague, from Stained Glass Torture.…

    Jan 17, 2007



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