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WATERLOO, Ontario--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BigRoad has launched BigRoad Freight - a load matching platform built

within the BigRoad Mobile App. BigRoad Freight gives owner-operators and

fleets the ability to book the loads they want while ensuring quick

payment and providing hours-of-service (HOS) visibility.

BigRoad is the first company to launch in-app load matching within an

electronic logbook application that suggests loads based on a driver's

GPS coordinates and available hours-of-service. Drivers using the

BigRoad Mobile App can easily sign up to participate in BigRoad Freight.

Once registered, drivers are sent push notifications recommending loads

to them. They can view load details, including the payout, and choose to

accept or reject loads from within the app. This eliminates phone calls,

emails, and dealing with brokers directly.

"At BigRoad, we've always put drivers first. We wanted to find a way to

help put more money in their pockets while enabling them to achieve

hours-of-service and electronic logging device mandate compliance with

our industry leading solution," noted Tony Lourakis, Chief Executive

Officer (CEO) of BigRoad - A Fleet Complete Company. "Making money

shouldn't be complicated - drivers have enough to worry about. We've

simplified how drivers book loads and get paid, sparing them from having

to call brokers, play phone tag, and haggle over the price."

BigRoad Freight empowers drivers to book the loads they want, when they

want them, 24/7 from their mobile device. Payout and terms are

straightforward, simplifying the load booking process and removing the

need to speak with brokers directly. Payments can be sent within a few

days via a method selected by the drivers, enabling faster payment.

Through partnerships with brokers, load boards, and digital freight

platforms, BigRoad Freight creates simplicity, improves speed, and

establishes transparency in shipper-carrier relations. By leveraging

real-time location information and a unique compliance availability

dataset, shippers and carriers benefit from improved schedule

predictability and asset optimization. BigRoad is committed to

developing partnerships to grow the number of loads offered through the


As an industry leader in the regulatory compliance space, BigRoad has

helped thousands of owner-operators and fleets stay ELD compliant

through their innovative, easy-to-use compliance solution. All BigRoad

users, with or without a DashLink ELD, can participate in BigRoad

Freight. Combined, BigRoad's solutions helps drivers to simplify their

day by removing the guesswork out of compliance and HOS availability.

"At BigRoad, we've always developed our solutions from the driver's

perspective which is why we're the compliance solutions leader," added

Jake McGuire, Vice-President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success

at BigRoad. "It's what makes BigRoad Freight so innovative and


About BigRoad Freight


Freight is the only in-app platform that enables drivers to book

their own loads in real-time, while getting paid quickly, and providing

hours-of-service (HOS) visibility and awareness. BigRoad Freight works

within the BigRoad Mobile App, the #1 electronic logbook application

available for Apple and Android devices, and can be paired with

BigRoad's DashLink to achieve electronic logging device (ELD) mandate


About BigRoad


- A Fleet Complete Company is the industry leading provider of

hours-of-service (HOS) and electronic logging device (ELD) mandate

compliance solutions for the North American transportation industry. In

March 2017, BigRoad was acquired website by Fleet

Complete, a global IoT provider of mission critical fleet, asset and

mobile workforce management and telematics solutions. BigRoad's

solutions include the BigRoad

Mobile App electronic logbook, the BigRoad

Web App fleet management tool, and the DashLink

ELD. Over 500,000 drivers and 30,000 fleets trust BigRoad's

solutions to simplify day-to-day activities, create operational

efficiency, and improve profitability. BigRoad has received numerous

awards for innovation and growth including the 2017 North American

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Solution Customer Value Leadership Award

from Frost and Sullivan.


Posted Jan 08, 2018 at 5:15am



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