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1. a little something which covers, Particularly a fabric in excess of a table, bed and many others. a table-include; a bed-include; They changed the cover to the manhole. bedekking غِطاء покривка cobertura pokrývka, pokrývka die Decke dug; sengetæppe; overtræk; betræk κάλυμμα ; σκέπασμαcubierta ; cobertor ; colcha (para cama) kate پوشش؛ روکش peite couverture ; nappe ; couvercle כִּסוּי @@@כִּיסוּי$$$ चादर pokrov takaró; terítő penutup ábreiða; lok copertura ; coperta おおい 커버 užtiesalas, uždangalas, dangtis, viršelis apvalks; pārvalks; apsegs; apvāks; vāks; aploksne penutup bedekking ; dekseldekke ; duk ; –teppe; trekk przykrycie, pokrywa د میز پوښ ، پټول cobertura cuvertură; faţă de masă; capac; învelitoare скатерть ; покрывало prikrývka prt; pregrinjalo; pokrov prekrivač täcke, överdrag, skynke ผ้าคลุม örtü 覆蓋物,如桌罩、床罩等 покривало; кришка ڈهكن، ڈهكنا، پوش vỏ bọc ngoài 罩子 coberta; cobertor, cobertor (per al llit)

Structural plains: rather undisturbed horizontal surfaces of the earth. They're structurally frustrated regions of the whole world which make up many of the most in depth normal lowlands around the Earth's surface area.

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three. resource to scatter and go in several Instructions, so as to protect a wider space. They distribute out and began to search your entire location. opbreek يَنْتَشِر разпръквам (се) espalhar-se rozptýlit se sich verteilen sprede sig απλώνομαι ; σκορπίζω (laiali) laotuma پراكندن levittäytyä s'éparpiller לְהִתפָּרֵס बिखरना raširiti se szétszéled; szétszóródik menyebar tvístra(st), dreifa(st) sparpagliarsi 散る 흩어지다 išsiskirstyti izklīst berpecah-pecah zich verspreiden spre seg; dele segrozchodzić się ; rozbiegać sięespalhar-se a se dispersa рассредоточиваться hyperlink home rozptýliť sa razkropiti se raštrkati se sprida ut sig แยกกันไป yayılmak 四下散開 розсипатися بڑے علاقے کو زد میں لانے کے لیے giăng ra 四下散开 separar

Many hundreds of collegiate table tennis players, coaches and lovers converging on Eau Claire, Wisconsin with the 2015 countrywide championships will see loads of items to carry out during the host metropolis.

generalise, generalize - grow to be systemic and distribute through the entire body; "this kind of an infection generalizes throughout the immune description process"

2. To handle or accomplish some thing in a particular fashion: The historical past training course covered a lot here now blog of ground in 6 weeks.

reinsure - insure once again by assuming all or possibly a part of the liability of the insurance company currently covering a possibility

unfold - strew or distribute over an area; "He distribute fertilizer more than the garden"; "scatter cards over the table"

go over, increase, carry on - span an interval of distance, House or time; "The war prolonged more than five years"; "The time period included the transform in the century"; "My land extends over the hills around the horizon"; "This farm covers some two hundred acres"; "The Archipelago continues for one more five hundred miles"

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