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Have you ever recieved a text message from your bank informing you of a bank error? A local women of Santa Ana received an urgent text message from her bank asking her to call a strange number. Once dialed, an automated system instructed her to enter her account number and pin. Sadly it wasn't until after she hung up that she realized she had made a terrible mistake.

In other words, we want a small 'g' god that we can control, one we can dictate our wants, needs and desires to and have the expectation that, like a genie of the magic lamp he will grant us our wishes and the desires of our hearts.

They gathered their belonging from behind the screen and decided to set the dry drapes on fire and run for it. No mention to anyone in the theater that it was on fire. Before much damage was done, it was extinguished before near disaster. But suspicion was set in and the police couldn't help notice" The Beatles" written in carbon from the flame of a candle.

In urban areas, be careful not to block intersections (with or without traffic lights) when traffic backs up. This is called "blocking the box" and will get you a ticket if there is a cop communications around.

According to manufactures and industry experts, this self defense ring uses the strongest pepper spray formula available on the market today. The formula has the industry's highest heat rating of 2 million SHU (compared to a jalapeno pepper which is 5000 SHU), which severely affects the mucous membranes (eyes and respiratory systems). The ring has 2-3 one second burst and has an effective range of 12 inches. It is endorsed by security professionals and has replaceable canisters.

IA report is made after a thorough investigation. Check them out for errors or omissions. You can get this from the police communications or even your car accident attorney can get you this.

Did I feel guilty or maybe just paranoid? I'm no criminal so why police earpiece couldn't I just be relaxed around the police. I felt like a body was going to appear in the trunk of my car one day when I got pulled over or an unpaid digital camera would end up in my purse mysteriously when I bumped into an officer at Radio Shack.

We think that if we have more money, everything will be alright. If only I could make an extra $5,000, $10,000 per year, we'd be ok. We believe, just like John D. Rockefeller that if we just had a little more, everything would be alright.

Now I would like to inform you my favorite trick with regard to really staying away from a speeding ticket gracefully. Tell the official "I have been having diarrhea and I was in a rush to get home, prior to. then allow your voice trail off and try to look really ashamed. If you can make a very smelly one in your pants at that moment that will get you bonus points and you are very likely to get away without a warning. Come to think of it, you may want to maintain some foul odor bomb powder inside your car simply for the actual event of being pulled over.

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