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Speed: Average

Jump: Average

Power: Average

Looking from his stats, we see today's fourth place looks merely typical throughout terms of usage. However, his real expertise is in his diverse moveset. Megaman provides one with the most ranged choices within the game, as well as can easily remain again for you to devastate opponents at a distance. However, don't underestimate him up at close; he understands a number of surprisingly efficient shut range techniques; even when an adversary is actually in the place to lessen growtopia hack the gap to Megaman, they're nevertheless with large risk. As if which weren't enough, Megaman's throws and also air moves perform well, and lend even more versatility towards the character. Use him in order to rack up some damage from afar, then offer the finishing blow up close. Megaman's biggest weakness could be characters whom use a particular move that will reflects projectiles (Dark Pit, Fox, Zelda, etc.), nullifying his best strength. Yet even then, Megaman may depend on his some other attacks yet still easily come out in top. Practice along with him to discover out the particular different ranges, speed, as well as power of his moves, and you can easily turn out to be able to be deadly with this robot.

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