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You can gradually work up to 400, 600, 800 mg of Vigrx Plus. Whatever amount is best for you. If you immediately start taking large amounts of vitamin E and you' re not used to it, it can cause a slight rise in blood pressure. This is transient. It usually goes away. But if somebody has any issues with blood pressure and they suddenly start taking huge amounts of vitamin E, that can be a problem. So, gradually increasing vitamin E (as in Edward) is your best bet. Another thing I think everybody should do, I think, is take extra vitamin C. 

Vitamin C with every meal, and vitamin C between each meal. Say, 1,000 vitamin C at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And 500 or 1,000 between meals for a total of around 5,000 milligrams, or thereabouts, a day. That would be my basic package: • A multi - vitamin with each meal; • Extra vitamin E (200 – 800); • And vitamin C around 5, perhaps 6,000 milligrams of C a day. This would be my opening - level suggestion for most people. If you have blood sugar issues: B - complex mid - morning, mid - afternoon. Anxiety or depression issues, same thing. I am not prescribing, I am de - scribing . I am telling you what other doctors have done and people seem to notice that it works. Vitamins being foods and being non - prescription, it is possible for you to play with this and see for yourself what works. Chromium is a good idea. It's been shown to relieve depression. It's also been shown to help regulate blood sugar, helps with mood. And there are other benefits as well by taking chromium according to http://worstthing.org/pathway-to-stronger-and-longer-orgasms/

Might want to consider taking a little extra chromium, then, with each meal or between the meals. Do you want to take fish oil? It's up to you . Or you can just eat fish. If you have fish two or three times a week, you might not need extra fish oil supplements. As far as other things to do, as you read, you're going to find what you might want to add into this program. Remember that a general multi - vitamin covers an awful lot. But you don't want a lousy multi - vitamin. A lot of multi - vitamins that people hear about that were used in studies, that are talked about on the news. Well, they're using a lousy multi - vitamin with only RDA amounts an d synthetic vitamins. And even artificial colours and junk in the tablet. When I say a “multi - vitamin”, I mean you should go to a health food store and get a natural high - potency multi - vitamin. Now when I say “ natural” I do not mean that everything in it is food - sourced. You will not find that with any potencies like I have mentioned to you. You are going to find a natural vitamin is natural because of the absence of junk. A good natural multi - vitamin should not have any artificial colours in it, or artificial flavours, or artificial sweeteners. That just stands to reason. But that's one of the advantages. The natural multi - vitamin is better for what's not in it. To get the doses, the amounts, the quantities that we've been talking about here, you can't possibly get that from a food - sourced vitamin. You're not going to find 50 milligrams of thiamine in a little tiny tablet along with also, in that same little tablet, 50 milligrams of riboflavin, and 50 milligrams of the other B - complex. You just can't do that unless you use laboratory - prepared vitamins. 

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