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From Autumn to Ashes Pro

Hardcore / Rock / Emo

Brooklyn / NYC, NY

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Screamo / Hardcore / Alternative

Tampa, FL

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As I Lay Dying

Metal / Metalcore / Hardcore

San Diego, CA

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Avenged Sevenfold Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Orange County, CA

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The Chariot Pro

Hardcore / Post Hardcore

Atlanta, GA

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  • digital audio child said:
    hey whats goin on just wanted to drop you a line telling you about new music in the area, you may like it, im in the soo and make eletronic music check it out tell me what you think, sorry if you think this is a pl;ug for my site but just wanted to get people from the area some info enjoy. Jun 04
  • bbeeler said:
    Apr 12
  • said:
    hahaha heckk yea girl. =] norma jean is loveeee. Apr 03
  • bbeeler said:
    hey d00d sup!? :]] Mar 05
  • said:
    haha girl that is exactly why i added you!! haha i love Him!! =] Feb 26
  • lalas850 said:
    haha actually i\'m not worried about sex at all. i\'m more worried about soccer and having fun Feb 26
  • Lantu said:
    Hey! Thx 4 the comment xD hehe I\'ve just added 2 pics... just 2 becuz I don\'t have any nice pics of me =]... Oh n cuz I don\'t have space 4 more hihi. 1st one in halloween the other in a mall with friends =P well tell me wat ya think. I\'m out talk 2 ya later Byep! ^^ Feb 25
  • said:
    the devil wears prada... so not fair. yeah, our church has preps/contry and emo/punks/rockers, so the one side always blames the other if something went wrong at youth group. but whatver they are cool kids. alot of the emo/whatever else kids are in bands, even if they suck. but so of the bands are ok. beneth the blackout is one. but yeah, preety cool. Feb 14
  • said:
    the reason is because in my church im different so they cal me emo. i wanted to be my own style. not just emo or skate or punk. my own style. thats why. Feb 13
  • said:
    no. omg no. i hate when people call me emo so i thought it was coll. no not offended... at all. Feb 13


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Ummm...My name is Tassia Sweeney...at least I think it is. I love God and I love getting drunk in the Holy Spirit and attending church at the Word of Life Harvest Barn in East Jordan. Anyways, I don't really know how to describe myself except to say that I think I'm prelly decent looking, you know short brown hair, hazel eyes, great sense of style yada yada yada...Just cute I guess....My favorite animal is a turtle so if you eat them for dinner you will be shunned from my presence. My favorite food is anything non-American....I eat Mexicans for breakfast :) jk... I have a 1994 Ford Tempo. Also my boyfriends in a hardcore Christian band called Chrio! They rock my sox! So anyways I'm prolly boring you so here's my msn ncsweeney_34@eastjordan.com and my Aim is HrdCrX3 and my myspace is www.myspace.com/emoisnotastyle Made by: Zac Brewer ..

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