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Age: 31

Location: Champaign, IL


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The Stiletto Formal

Indie / Experimental / Rock

Phoenix, AZ

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Hardcore / Metal

Killeen, TX


Every Time I Die Pro

Metal / Hardcore / Southern Rock

Buffalo, NY

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Soul / Alternative / Comedy

Seattle, WA


Converge Pro

Hardcore / Metal / Punk

Salem, MA

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Comments (61)

  • Rachel said:
    haha, i said that bc your about me section was interesting. im good you? Jun 18
  • Rachel said:
    you seem fun Jun 16
  • weerdo21 said:
    i know what you mean. i hate it here at home. it is a drag :] i will be your friend and umm i don\'t know :] May 19
  • weerdo21 said:
    hey how is my friend doing ?? :] May 18
  • g-na$ty said:
    i missed that show. i really wanted to go see them, but i was in detroit at the time. that\'s too bad about your leg. what happened? sounds like fun going off to college. what career do you have in mind? i\'m currently taking a computer aided design course. i\'d like to be an architect someday. May 03
  • g-na$ty said:
    pwhat? college i\'m guessing. i\'m a junior in high school at the moment. i live in toledo, oh. not too far from ann arbor i\'ve been there a lot. not lately though. May 03
  • g-na$ty said:
    thanks, i like yours too =D life\'s lame around here. i\'m just ready to get out of school for the summer. how are you? May 03
  • Heatherinnee said:
    hii there. Apr 26
  • said:
    oh well have fun \"throwing down\" Apr 19
  • said:
    haha.yeh.im only 16 and iv had my fair share but idk i dont drink as much as i used to bu ti think im gonna tomorom.lol Apr 19


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lately i've discovered the profound effects of coffee on one's motivation and energy in the morning. for the last several months, i've been telling myself to stop my bad habits. but i still need to try harder. i am a menace to society. i should not be left alone, because i bring on cruelty and destruction. i need help in many areas of my life. i'm stubborn when it comes to outside help. i believe that everything can be fixed giving enough time. i am a masochist. i enjoy scratching and biting from time to time. sometimes i wake up in wonderment. for i may not know my surroundings. "it sounded like a good idea at the time" has been my reasoning for many of my actions. and has been accepted and mended relationships. we're all running from something. i'd like to be involved in a diamond heist before i die.

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