• Luke :) said:
    hey hey sorry im a wee bit slow at replying, as youve probably figured out by now lol you good btw? and was it ur pics that you got new ones of? cause i think ive seen those ones :S and i gotta put some more on soon. ive got like 2 i think. but yeaaa so wubu2? xx Dec 16
  • LastNightInReverie said:
    haha well call it what you will, but I think you're very talented! =) I'm really jealous I can't write like that...I guess my mind just doesn't work the same :P But definitely keep it up!! It will take you places for sure Dec 12
  • Josiah Large said:
    coolness! wbcc is amazing!!!! also check out at the throne of judgement. laugh Dec 12
  • LastNightInReverie said:
    hey, how's it going? writing must be your muse because your poems are incredible : ) just thought I'd let you know. Dec 11
  • James The Rocket man said:
    ohhh i hope u dont yo i m good yo =] Dec 11
  • Josiah Large said:
    yeah there pretty amazing!! do you like anything heavier? like with blood comes cleansing or impending doom? Dec 11
  • Travis Young said:
    hey, thanks for the request. didn't think anyone still used purevolume haha. Dec 09
  • Luke :) said:
    i guessed that might be your name haha, and your poems are a bit too cheery :P i liked some of the word use tho, its not the typical kind of stuff ive read in other places (Y) and good job with liking underoath. awesome band. you heard nevea tears? theyre worth checking out xx Dec 09
  • Josiah Large said:
    nice! war of ages??? sorry im pretty much a facedown records freak! laugh Dec 09
  • daeon said:
    yo Dec 08
  • James The Rocket man said:
    hey thankx for the add yo =] how are u ?? God bless James Dec 08
  • Brandon said:
    yeah same here,i cant wait for winter break.any big plans over break Dec 08
  • Brandon said:
    heyy,hows it going ' thanks for the friendly request Dec 08
  • Luke :) said:
    ello :) thanks for the add btw . you alright? sory if im slow but i dont use purevolume that much these days, i jsut dont have the time :| xxx Dec 08
  • Josiah Large said:
    well ello. laugh. oh hey i noticed you like a plea for purging. you should check out for today if you havnt already. Dec 08
  • Jeremy Wortman said:
    ehy thanks for the add :D Dec 08
  • LastNightInReverie said:
    I'm kinda the same way :) if i'm not playing guitar i'm jammin out to some music..can't go a day without it! have a good night! =D Dec 07
  • LastNightInReverie said:
    pretty much the same thing...procrastinating and trying to do some homework haha. what are you reading?? Dec 07
  • LastNightInReverie said:
    hey what's up? i'm mike =) Dec 07
  • Josiah Large said:
    ello thanks for the add. im josiah btw. Dec 07

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    the sound of Rain bouncing off the rooftops gliding down alone only to fall and gather on the cold hard ground to the touch Rain drops they are cold, wet they can…

    Dec 11, 2008

  • General: Tonight, HE made the mistake. (a poem by me.. )

    my teeth chatter, my stomach churns the earth quakes beneath my well-worn shoes a figure briskly passes, his familiar scent: aftershave, car greese, dirt SLAM goes t…

    Dec 07, 2008

  • General: Will i find him?

    I feel elusiveness all around me. my floorboards are caving in. i'm not sure where my hope has gone, and i think i'm going to give in. I feel it coming, a wave of…

    Oct 14, 2008



hey. im kaylynn... or as my brother peter calls me....klinnnn. im 20 and i work im not in schoolo right now. i love practicing my bass and singing in my room. i work with special needs teenagers and i would love to be in a band or work in the music industry someday.

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