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i really am not a blogger, and probably never will be. i once tried to start a blog, but then just kind of went on living my life. i'll give it another go though. it is almost summer though, here in the usually frozen tundras of canada, so i probably will end up leaving halfway through and going outside. really, people spend too much time indoors. airconditioning is waaaaaaaaaay overrated. ok, officially bored, so i hereby wrap up another failed attempt to engulf my self into the world of blogging.

Posted Jun 09, 2008 at 9:28pm



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well, i am a slightly eccentric, (isnt everyone?) i unnavoidably piss off my parents, and have a non expiring 3 for 1 special on lectures. 4 for 1 if Gram's in town. book reading, movie watching, sandwich eating, Jesus loving, eye blinking, atrociously spelling egghead. i live my life with love, not without tears, with music, with Miss Marple, with Jesus, with poutine and with banana bread. with sketchbooks, teacakes and milkshakes. with quotes, and with poems and with speaches. you can learn alot from whats already been said, with out making a fool out of yourself by trying to say something just as wise! i am a firm believer in bedtime snacks, folk music, and Bob Dylan. i am a terrible canadian, i cant skate, and i hate maple syrop, Molson,and the cold. and finally, what would i have become what without my friends, who would guide me? a summery of me, a large bundle of love,Jesus, peanut butter and giggleing companions all sewn up with a yellow ribbon.

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