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how do you do? the names kara. im a crazy kooky, upbeat kinda gal and i love the way i can express myself with music. which is part of the reason, since introduced to purevolume, i have started to get addicted (i know i know! i'm a new-be but hey..i get hooked to things fast, haha) so pretty much my obsessions are music, dance, and my friends. (among various other things like dancing in the rain, pb&j's, falling into mud/puddles/snow piles, getting into sunbaked cars, and waking up in the middle of the night when everything is peaceful..etc.) but i guess you could say that's what i look forward to. life comes at you fast, gotta hang on to what you can, and i'll never give my passions up :0) oh and since im a pretty talkative person, you can most likely talk to me about anything, anywhere, anytime (im serious..like even 3 in the morning i get phone calls, lol) im pretty open and a good listener so need me call me alright? (at least metaphorically) well that's it for now dollies. ta ta! have a nice day :0)

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