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Mission To Felspar

Alternative / Pop Punk / Ska

Pomona, CA

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ClearviewKills Pro

Hardcore / Punk / Screamo

Pittsburgh, PA

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The Morning Of Pro

Pop / Indie / Rock

Balmville, NY

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The Varsity

Rock / Powerpop / Pop Punk

Nashville, TN

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Rock / Punk / Emo

New Brunswick, NJ

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  • digital audio child said:
    thanks a ton for the plays! keep in touch see you around PV new music out soon.... Jul 15
  • Hotspur said:
    heyy, i was hoping u could check out my band Hotspur\'s new CD at purevolume.com/hotspur. Add us if u like what u hear! Dave Aug 21
  • Joshua3:5 said:
    Hey, just stopping by to drop you this link for %u201CBlack Sky Surrender%u201D. If you like them add em to your favorites : ) Apr 27


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  • General: Birthdayfun!

    My birthday is coming up soon. I don't know exactly whats going to happen, but I know just about the jyst of it. Like I wanna get my septum pierced, go eat some sweet f…

    Aug 06, 2007



My name is Marquila, But you can just call me Marq. Its like Mark but with a Q. Yeah, bro. I love life and every wonder that it brings along. My three favorite things in the world is: 1. Family 2. Friends 3. Music I love lots of music. Except country...EW! My favorite colors are blue, green and grey. In that order too. I like food alot. Eating is one thing that I can do no matter what modd I'm in. If music didn't exsist I think that TV would be my third favorite thing in the world, but I'm pretty much glad that it does exsist. I am the queen at asking questions. Thats how I got my name. You don't just get a nickname. You earn it. I beleive that in a past life before this one, I was James Byron Dean. You may not think that I am telling the truth. But I beleive in reencarnation and I know that before I was me, I was a Famous, sexy Bro named James. I captialize Famous because ever since Travis Landon Barker entered Blink 182, I have loved Famous Stars and Straps. I don't really like the fuckers who wear it and don't even know who made it. It's like wearing Hollister. I don't know who made that shit so I wont wear it. I think that if your gonna wear a name brand, you should know who made that shit. And if you do know who made it, then rep that shit loud and clear for all to see. Be a part of that persons life by giving them your money and wearing their shit proud, bro. I have friends who are in bands and they rock. And I'm not just saying that because they are my friends, I'm saying that becasue they do rock. I supporet my local scene if its actually good. Any genre in the central Ohio area. I used to be emo, but now I'm just an ex emo kid with big dreams and solid ambitions. I listen to emo music. It changed my life, but deep down inside I'm just a little punk kid waiting to skank her way through Hollywood and show all those fuckers on the red carpet what is really up with Ohio. I just basiclly don't like the way people talk about Ohio on telivision. Everyone makes it seam like this is a horrible place. But in all honesty: they are only half right. People here are destined to be something. To be something better than any other state I have heard about. People here are some of the nicest people you will ever meet. And they honestly don't belong here. But then there is another half of people who suck. And should go away from here, like Maine. I'm not a very political person. I just don't like George Bush. I'm not democrat and I'm not republican. I just vote for who I think has the best views and right now, our president sucks. The sooner we can get that fucker out of the office is the sooner we can start at rebuilding our country from what he has fucked up. Someone should anilate him. The end. Good Bye To You!

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