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Due to the strike in 1981, the time was split into two halves and playoff seedings were being identified utilizing the winners from Every single half.

within the second location. I have two causes for not buying the home – To start with, It can be too large, and secondly It is as well far from city. tweedens ثانيا второ em segundo lugar za druhé zweitens for det andet (κατά) δεύτερον en segundo lugar teiseks ثانيا toiseksi deuxièmement שְׁנִית drugo, nadalje másodszor kedua í öðru lagi in secondo luogo 2番目に 둘째 antra otrkārt keduanya 10 tweedefor det andrepo drugie دويم، دويم وار em segundo lugar în al doilea rând во-вторых po druhé drugič drugo för det andra ในประการที่สอง ikinci olarak ; saniyen 第二 по-друге دوسرے مقام پر vị trí thứ hai 第二 en segon lloc

They can be accomplishing these properties appropriate, but that has a price tag tag of $395K+ Each individual Im glad they're going this significantly.

one. a second individual, matter etcetera. You are the second to arrive. tweede الثّاني на второ място segundo druhý, -á der/die/das Zweite den anden δεύτερος σε σειρά segundo teine دوم toinen deuxième הַשֵׁנִי drugi második orang kedua annar secondo 2番目 two등 antrasis otrais kedua tweedeannen ; nummer todrugi دوهم segundo al doilea второй druhý, -á drugouvrščen drugi po redu andra คนที่สอง; สิ่งที่สอง ikinci gelen kişi/şey 第二個 той, хто другим номером دوسرا شخص یا شے người, cái thứ hai 第二 segon

During this instance it is useful to position the thermal mass Within the dwelling to absorb the warmth gathered during the day.

Of course, some great benefits of thermal mass for summer season ease and comfort depends on climates which might be characterised by really warm days and cool evenings, for example southern inland climates all-around spots like read more Charleville in Western Queensland.

the strength of looking at into the long run or into check it out other mysteries. They questioned a girl with second sight the place the lifeless human body was. heldersiendheid قُوَّة رُؤْيَة المُسْتَقْبَل ясновидство poderes especiais jasnovidnost das zweite Gesicht synskhed ενόραση ; δυνατότητα πρόβλεψης του μέλλοντοςclarividencia selgeltnägemisvõime علم غيب ennustajan kyky clairvoyance רְאִייַת הַנוֹלָד सिद्ध दृष्टि, दिव्य दृष्टि vidovitost, proročki dar jövőbelátás kemampuan gaib skyggnigáfa chiaroveggenza ; click for source preveggenza 透 천리안 aiškiaregystės dovana gaišredzība kebolehan meramal tweede gezicht synske evner dar jasnowidzenia علم غیب poderes especiais clar­vi­ziune ясновидение jasnovidecké schopnosti jasnovidnost vidovitost klärvoajans, synskhet ตาทิพย์ görünmezi görme yeteneği, altıncı his 預知力 ясновидіння مستقبل یا غیب کی چیزوں کی بصیرت linh cảm 预见力 clarividència

latter - the second of two or even the second talked about of two; "Tom and Dick ended up both of those heroes but just the latter is remembered currently"

second believed n with hardly or without having a second → ohne einen weiteren Gedanken, ohne lange or weiter darüber nachzudenken; I didn’t give him/it a second → ich habe an ihn/daran überhaupt keinen Gedanken verschwendet; to have seconds about one thing → sich (dat) → etw anders überlegen; on seconds I decided to not → dann habe ich mich doch dagegen entschieden; straight from the source on seconds possibly I’d superior do it myself → vielleicht mache ich es, genau besehen, doch lieber selbst

to concur with (a little something said by a former speaker), Primarily to take action formally. He proposed the movement And that i seconded it. sekondeer يُوافِق подкрепям apoiar podpořit unterstützen støtte υποστηρίζω ; συμφωνώ επίσημαapoyar ; secundar toetama تاييد كردن kannattaa appuyer לִתמוֹך podupirati, podržavati támogat mendukung styðja appoggiare see this page 賛成する 지지하다 pritarti, paremti atbalstīt sokong steunen støtte poprzeć (przedmówcę) تایدول apoiar a spri­jini поддерживать podporiť podpreti podržati understödja, ansluta sig until, instämma สนับสนุน desteklemek 附議(某人的提案等) підтримувати کسی چیز سے متفق ہونا tán thành 支持,赞成(提案等) recolzar, secundar

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