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Seventh Day Slumber Pro

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  • Alexander the Great said:
    Hey Kat I think I misspelled some words on my last comment. Sorry. On your tag it says \"What if I told you... Nevermind\" What do you mean by that? Aug 10
  • Alexander the Great said:
    If you told me what? Come on you can tell me. I promise I send you a message filld: hahahahaha.... or wwwhhhatt... or whatever. You can trust me. Jul 28
  • Alexander the Great said:
    That picture was taken two weeks ago at bible summer camp. 1 of my friends to the pictuer. The name tags are to show that we are interns, we and a few others were helpers for the staff and the pastors. Jul 28
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Hey I see you like Eowyn as well. She has some very good lyrics to her songs. Hey thanks again for introducing me to family force five. The more and more I listen the more I like them. Jul 20
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Wow!!! That is absolutlely awsome. I wish I could see that. I must tell how it was when you get back. And may God cover you and bless you on your trips. Take care Kat. (If you can try and take some pictures) Jul 06
  • Alexander the Great said:
    You are right we do need to have that good medium. If only we all could let God take complete control of our life, true peace would be attainable. Great blogs Kat! Jun 30
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Some of the angelic beings described in Revolation are very similar to the griffin. Jun 26
  • Alexander the Great said:
    A griffin is a mythlogical creature that has a head of an eagle and the body of a lion. It represents power. Knights often had them painted on there armor. For me it represents God\'s Majesty. Jun 26
  • Alexander the Great said:
    I like your cute photos. Is the second one how your cat looks like? Jun 25
  • Alexander the Great said:
    Hi Kat, nice poem in your blog. I can see the since of realism in that. Very Nice. Although I wander if you are really going crazy?! (Ha Ha!!) Jun 24


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    I don't know why but I feel really happy. I am so blessed. I have a roof over my head, $ in the bank, a family who loves me, a great job, friends who support me,…

    Jul 13, 2007

  • General: Dissapointment!

    I can't go to sonshine! I am bummed. I was really looking forward to it too! The adults who said they were coming aren't coming any more. So now I can't go. Oh wel…

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    Interestingly enough, I am getting bored with doing nothing. Can you even believe it? I longed for summer all through the school year and now I am sick of it. The bo…

    Jul 05, 2007



Music was meant to be listened to. Not to define your personality. It was meant for enjoyment. Not to put you in a steriotype. Don't define me by my music. Define me by me. I Love Jesus. I love my family. I love my friends. I love my cat (the little boogar). I think sarcasm is hilarious. I sometimes run out of reasons to laugh- then I jump on the devils head and feel like laughing again. I love art- all kinds. I love music- I sing so much that people are constantly telling me to stop. I love drama and acting. I like to dance, but I'm terrible at it. Over all, I just enjoy living for Jesus and being God's little girl.

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