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Post Hardcore / Screamo / Electronic

Providence, RI

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Screamo / Indie

United States

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The Postal Service WA

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Emarosa Pro

Rock / Experimental / Indie

Lexington, KY

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City and Colour (Dallas Green) OFFICIAL Pro

Folk Rock / Indie


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  • still_remains said:
    Hey, what's up? Aug 17
  • Sean Conroy said:
    Hey, I think it would be awesome if you checked out my band Altriad ... www.purevolume.com/altriad ... i'm the drummer, if you like what you hear become a fan, and let us know what you think :] Aug 17
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    hey, im doing pretty good, how about yourself? Aug 14
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    im glad to hear your feeling better now. sorry you missed the fireworks too, this year was my second time seeing them in a big show, i took some photos this year too, it was so much fun. thats nice you get to visit your brothers, i actually just visited my sister today. don't worry about how long it took to respond, i understand, and nothing can be to long. Jul 19
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    oh man, that sucks, im glad your feeling better now. Do you have to stay at the hospital very long now? are you able to do something fun tomorrow, watch some fireworks? Yea, summer school, its alright, i on;y have 2 classes and they are on monday and wednesdays. Nothing big planed for the summer, might do some small things through out, but im not sure. What about you, any plans? Jul 03
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    wow, im sorry to hear that, hope everything is all right. well, i was hoping i didn't have to say this but two words, summer school. it kinda sucks, but the nice thing is im getting a head start on credits. Other then that its been pretty nice. Jun 26
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    was being super busy nice or kind of a drag? its all good, i've been a little busy myself. Jun 25
  • Metalcore"Prime" said:
    Thanks Again, For Today wasn't half bad. Jun 21
  • Zac Lives in the Sky said:
    hey karlye nice to purevolume meet ya haha I'm Zac. Everythings going good I'm trying to find out what time this festival goes till today see if there's any way I can stop by it sounded like it would be pretty fun. How about you? you enjoying your summer? Jun 19
  • ♠Ąηďяεw♠ said:
    it was pretty good, went by pretty fast i thought maybe a little to fast. we had a nice grad party after words with lots of activity, but i was expecting a little more then what we got. I ended up going to bed at 6 this morning, fun stuff. Jun 16


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I love how he paints the sky of the refection of the ocean. How the stars speak of his Infinite love. How the wind picks up my face and always shows me how big my God is. Why pray to see god when god already showed you him.

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