• AndN said:
    “MAGIC journey” http://www.purevolume.com/UFANCY/videos/4474009/SPACE+UF+-+002 Jun 22
  • Liz Sparks said:
    http://www.purevolume.com/bjmo please check it out! BM has a new record,it alternative-experimental music! please become a fan and leave your coment! =) May 05
  • Chauntecleer said:
    Hello there! You and I like a lot of the same bands. I think you would dig The Long Tomorrow. Click on the picture to listen!!! Hit me back and click on this pic to be my myspace friend too! Thanks and God bless, Rich Sep 12
  • vasiliki said:
    heyy whats up Jun 05
  • Kiche. said:
    I love you. :D May 30
  • Dakota20 said:
    Your fast at adding me. Thx. I just didnt like the name on my old purevolume. It was gay. Check out my new vids on my myspace. May 27
  • ashleyyy523 said:
    heyy whats up? ily May 11
  • said:
    but if i am mistaken, hey...i\'ll re-cmnt ! : \"hiya! the band on my page & make it 200! i like even #\'s.\" if not, then...be kind, delete the excess. May 07
  • said:
    i think i just cmnt\'d you...ALOT. May 07
  • ashleyyy523 said:
    heyy kali i love youu Apr 28
  • said:
    hey thanks for the add :] Mar 08
  • blarethesound said:
    i\'m spectacular!and you? Mar 08
  • blarethesound said:
    i know,im pretty excited =] Mar 07
  • NYAparker. said:
    Te hehe, cha man. I should just go full out tomorrow. that would be awesome ^_^ Mar 07
  • blarethesound said:
    uhmmm,i think my boyfriend\'s gonna give me his acousticbut that\'s just a guess... Mar 07
  • NYAparker. said:
    I\'m groooooovy. but I have some gay graduation photo\'s to attend tomorrow at school. So my teachers are going to be like,, \" Ladies, make sure your hair is nice \" and they stare at me when they say that. haha. I love messy hair Mar 07
  • NYAparker. said:
    LAWLS, YES. I like liquid tyenol cough syrup. I get rather light headed. =]. But off of pill topic HOW ARE youuu today ma\'am? Mar 07
  • bear vs marc said:
    EEEEEK you are so Excellent, i love my sign! Mar 06
  • blarethesound said:
    hahahayeah,im pretty pumped Mar 05
  • NYAparker. said:
    LMAO, I think I should have a shot of those, seriously. Sometimes I can\'t even sleep. I wake up. and stay up. It\'s rather annoying. and then the next day at school I get to overly hyper from being to overly tired and then the next day I am sick as hell from being tired. It\'s quite the life style. And. i thinK i just got attached to pills =| But. Enjoy your pills =0 Lucky. Mar 05

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  • General: hey kiddo! [NEW ABOUT ME]

    hello my name is Kali, and my old about me has changed quite drastically. It must be fixed :] So here. My names Kali, and I think i'm a lot more amusing than I really…

    Dec 30, 2006

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