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Einstein's Dream

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Hellogoodbye Pro

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A Day To Remember Pro

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Ocala, FL

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Akron, OH

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Daphne Loves Derby Pro

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Seattle, WA

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  • ryanfuckingcherry said:
    Christ, Get your phone back. I graduate in 4.5 days. May 28
  • ryanfuckingcherry said:
    Ya dead? May 13
  • ryanfuckingcherry said:
    So I went to see Smoke Or Fire last ngiht, and a band called \"Endless Mike and the Beagle Club\" opened for them. You need to search for them, they\'re like folkeypunkeyindieshkindabutnotreally. and it\'s amazing. Not what I\'d normally like. This sounds like an advertisement. Listen to the song \"This Machine Kills Pacifists\" Haha. PENIS. Apr 15
  • failurebyde5ign said:
    UH I do believe I see Girlfriend on the top of your recent plays tooo... and its because i just let it play all the songs on the page...instead of going somewhere else.. in a second youll be wrapped around my finger cause i can cause i can do it better. Mar 26
  • failurebyde5ign said:
    I miss you. and Guess what?! I am more than likely sending out your Christmas stuff tomorrow..or at least this week and when you get it, you have to tell me what all I got you since I dont remember. However I did get you an Easter card since well there are obviously no Christmas cards anymore. haha I love you and Ill try and call you sometime this week. Mar 19
  • ryanfuckingcherry said:
    why woudl I listen to it on here when I have iTunes? And, I check it, I just dont\' really listen to music on here beucase iTunes is easier... Duh. What were you thinking? Mar 11
  • failurebyde5ign said:
    I can not believe you are at Taste of Chaos right now. I also can\'t believe you didn\'t tell me until today. However, I can believe that you called me to ask what you should wear because I am just stylish haha. I know you are having fun. I also know that you are going to call and tell me alllllll about it! Mar 10
  • failurebyde5ign said:
    I was in a thrift store in Philly when we went with Art Club! and yes I did finally figure it out, although I havent gotten around to fixing my profile yet haha. Mar 08
  • itsmarylikeduh00 said:
    I just totally deleted your comment on accident. my bad. Mar 07
  • itsmarylikeduh00 said:
    I love it that your the only person who sends me comments. ive got cuppycakes =] Mar 06


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*hanging out with friends* *reciting movie lines (i.e. Dumb and Dumber/Tommy Boy/Taladeaga NIghts)* *eating wings* *BOYS!!* *listening to serious hard core music and headbanging till i have a headache...haha* *Watching football* *talking on the phone* *shopping* *cooking* *traveling* *rasberry iced tea* *kool-aid* *gobstoppers* *christmas* *biting the heads off teddy grahams* *listening to music* *rollercoasters* *reading* *drawing/painting* *drummers * *redneck boys who have big trucks and tractors...:-D* *redheads* *the odd rush you get when you try to get the ice cubes outta your glass when the water's gone and the stick to the bottom of the glass DEFYING GRAVITY and when you least expect it they come crashing down towards you* *being wierd* *Penn State Football** *being strange* *being cool* *being hardcore like that* *being random* *laughing so hard you pee your pants or some liquid beverage comes out your nose* **BEING ME**

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