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The Stiletto Formal

Indie / Experimental / Rock

Phoenix, AZ

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New Tradition (music)

Rock / Indie

Joplin, MO

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Hit The Lights Pro

Rock / Punk / Emo

Lima, OH

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Forever The Sickest Kids Pro

Powerpop / Pop / Rock

Dallas, TX

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Imogen Heap-Frou Frou

Electronic / Indie / Experimental


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  • said:
    hella. ill fuck you hard. god damn i want you. Nov 29
  • aomara said:
    true. so, hows your life? Nov 29
  • aomara said:
    my life is alright.. and im definitely a g. Nov 29
  • AspenShay said:
    ooo I want my clavical pierced. I think that\'d be way hott. Nov 29
  • said:
    ohhhh.sexxxxy bicth.i love you. haha. tobad you dont live in my closet. ummmm.that would be heela great. Nov 29
  • x3mogrlx said:
    just because i find them soothing... and they give me hope in a hopeless world Nov 29
  • keegan ContagiousXx said:
    mmmmmm., ur adorable. come snuggle with me bby. eeek. i was kinda violated in that pic... haha i guess. i was more like EXTREMELY randyyy. ha Nov 29
  • gone_AWRY. said:
    hmm, not really actually. ha. Nov 29
  • EMOLOVER#101 said:
    so am i theres nothing to do here Nov 28
  • ourlastnightrox said:
    ooo awesome Nov 28


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  • General: FUCKING TOM

    fuck tom sold myspace to cnn or some shit now what am i gonna do in life FUCKING PUSSY aahhhh

    Sep 29, 2006



HEELLLLOOOOOOOOO ppl's Im NOT goth, emo, scene or any thing that involves labels, im my self; and my hair cut is not emo either,...... i got it from a japanesse cartoon =P LITTLE ABOUTME: im justin wayn cashion, im 15, im prolly gonna die of cancer at the age of 30, i do my moms bills, i get most of my hair styles from japanese cartoons:D, i love to dream LIKES: MOE, MOE!!! we may not be my gf ne more, but i love her all the same, she means the world to me, she may not believe it but shes a great, and its ppl like her that make me glad that im alive, "love you moe" DREAMING, MUSIC, light shows, my baths, hang out with my possey, strangers, meeting new ppl, carwashes, smoking, WALLYWORLD, dancing(you wanna have a dance off), rednecks, catching some z's, long morning pisses, chico sticks, vampires, anit-bacon, animals, screaming aaaaaaaaahhhhh!, tacobell, my cat penneth, meeting new ppl, blaaaa bla bla............ DISLIKE:ass ho's, school, running, bacon, brock hime, kody mitchell im high on life aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh THOUGH FUCKING VAMPIRES YEAH im high on life!!! MYFRIENDS DYLAN (BF) we have dance off, and where in a band togeither( he plays the air guitar, i play the air drums) so pertty much hes cool this kids crazy he check his fridge 30 times a day just to see if the food is still there so pertty much his goal in life is the eat add him: deelanxcore he likes cookies to Stephanie ann(BBF), i love this girl she the air that i breath, and when we graduate where gonna live to geither eeeee BBF BLAYNE shes prolly the best influence in my life, and she made me relize how much i love "life" YOU should meet her one day, shes the greatest

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