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people are douchebags. that's right. shitbags

having a really bad day

Posted Jun 22, 2011 at 8:00pm



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  • General: <|3

    My puppy, Oscar, who I miss like hell. I'm in Scotland and I live in California. I miss him so fucking much

    Jun 23, 2011

  • General: holy shit

    okay. i got chosen for a local surf compitition and i'm freakin excited! i never expected this! so, i fucking physced!

    Jun 23, 2011

  • General: people.......

    people are douchebags. that's right. shitbags having a really bad day

    Jun 22, 2011



Hi, I'm Julia. People call me Sunny(: I live Cali(: I used to live in MA, moved though. I like Cali wayyyy better. I like World Of Warcraft. a lot. i'm kinda a nerd i love swimming, the beach and surfing. I'm going to school to be a music producer. i'm a comic book writer. i love photography, i'm a vegitarian. I'll be friends with you as long as your not a douche bag or you ride my ostrich saddle XD i eat pop tarts. a lot. i like every kind of music except country. i'm kind of alternative. i wear vans, dc's, skinny jeans, band t-shirts and i dye my hair. go ahead.judge me. i could care less what haters have to say about me. i have tattoos, i don't care if you like 'em or not, i do and that's all that matters. people call me pretty, cute, beautiful, but i don't believe them. i'm super self consious, and i've never felt comfortable in my own skin. when i was a sophmore in highschool, kids beat me down. they called me emo, stupid, fag, bitch, scum bag and a whore. because of this, i didn't go to school. i almost committed suicide twice. i skipped class and didn't go back for a month. my parents sent me to therapy. it didn't work. somehow i got through it. i have no idea how, but i did. to this day i'm still super self consious and i'll never feel comfortable with myself. part of the reason is because i have ocd and adhd and i've lost friends because they don't want to be around somebody will a mental illness. whatever. i guess i'll never know who my real friends are. i love to meet new people, so talk to me(:

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