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Flat Earth Video

Hello Eric I love the data you deliver to us all. You showed me so much and almost certainly in no way would of imagined these types of things such as the stationary stars, becoming the wrong way up to the globe model, flatness generally and so considerably more.

A question with the mainstream for me is - How can a spirit degree function almost everywhere on the ball earth or concave just one for that matter? It could possibly't!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crrow777:  is the YouTuber at the rear of the "Lunar Wave" videos, promoted through the institution Huffington Write-up and by top rated shill Mark Sargent in practically every single job interview he presents.  Crow's entire channel and each interview is devoted to his assert that a digital wavy-line filmed together with his significant-tech cameras proves the Moon is just not a purely natural luminary, but relatively a holographic projection!

Yiddish just isn't a Semitic language. She'll scold anyone who directs any comment into the "jews", however supports most all posts condemning Freemasons, Jesuits, plus the Catholic Church. For somebody who has actually been from the "Real truth Movement" for "above 8 yrs" you'd imagine that she has connected the dots, Or perhaps that is the compromise It's important to make for doing politics in Florida. In either case, she's inherently Great(as Many of us are) but that remains no excuse to "ignore" essentially the most exclusivist/racist sect that were kicked out of 109 nations considering the fact that 245AD still keep on to Perform the "target" purpose. Like I stated....link the dots!

  Acenci relayed Mark's message which claimed, "Needless to say I haven't got proof that every little thing during the sky is really a projection of some variety. The seem, and opinion I am taking is strictly from a layout standpoint."  And herein lies Mark's technique of muddying the waters of truth of the matter and poisoning the flat Earth nicely.  Anything he has to mention about the flat Earth matter relies on "his model"; not science, proof, experiments, proof, or rationale, but alternatively what he thinks performs ideal from "a activity layout standpoint" (mainly because he was a video video game designer).

Therefore, I concur with this complete publish, such as the good-natured maligning of what amounts to my psychological and intellectual responses to deviations with your competencies at moderation and my composing (And just how or website why I title my videos - the majority of that have below 10 sights!) :-)

How about the seasons? Exactly what is the path in the sun in relation into the earth, that results in the seasons?

  To Absolutely everyone's surprise and amusement, nonetheless, Acenci and all his sock puppets immediately created their own forum from in which they obsessively attempted to infiltrate, criticize, and denounce IFERS, its posts, its associates, and particularly its leaders/administration.  He and his several personalities then went on to generate and get involved in three further more unsuccessful boards, all devoted to trashing IFERS.  You may see all of his message boards and Stick to the whole drama here.  It's now been about 5 months and Acenci remains to be on the web all day long every day obsessively cataloging, re-posting and analyzing/criticizing just about every aspect of the IFERS Neighborhood.  He has even paid to have quite a few banners advertizing his community forums show up on IFERS.

Zhib Rhan:  When seeking clips to make use of from the Flat Earth Conspiracy Documentary, I came upon this dude with an exceptionally enigmatic voice and a few respectable videos disputing the alleged curvature from the ball Earth.  Immediately after choosing to include them, Zhib's channel took a switch for that even worse and he started creating non-perception videos claiming, much like Mark Sargent, to have his incredibly very own flat design which he regarded as extra accurate as opposed to commonly approved azimuthal equidistant flat Earth design.  In his model, Antarctica was basically the North Pole!

I stumbled throughout this video nowadays and it just so transpires that Max took a compass onto a aircraft from Santiago, Chili to Sydney, Australia.

Mark Sargeant's very last identify says just what He's . They often inform you who They are really. I listened to his interview with Patricia Aiken and he explained he has not read through your reserve WOW actually?

  I observed he and his cohorts trolling every flat Earth channel threatening to flag their videos and "report them into the NSA," and real to type, when I started building flat Earth videos he did the same to me, claiming he'd report me towards the NSA and that "I'd far better repent" simply because I used to be "dwelling inside of His concave Earth" (remember, he thinks he's Jesus).  Considering that then I've experienced the "divine" honor of having "Our Lord and Savior Steven Christ" devote virtually every new video he puts out be on the topic of "debunking" and denouncing me and my get the job done.  Steven has also joined Acenci's shill forums and like Acenci, paid out for banner advertisements on IFERS (which I have no Manage around) endorsing his "Concave Earth" Discussion board.

So what's new? We generally have this. For the rest of us, and we know who we are. We provide the eyes to see as well as the ears to hear and absolutely nothing will prevent us. We're awake and we clearly see the mechanisms of Handle and one day quickly, we might be The bulk, and one day shortly, whenever they least be expecting it, We'll just halt listening to the controllers.

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