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Complete WHACK. Then there´s Marc Sargeant who at the outset appeared genuinely cool. But then I realised how Tremendous-assured and slick he is, without any worry both... Plus the Unusual incontrovertible fact that his 3 hour "File.E. Clues" video actually is just jam packed with Almost nothing.... Basically absolutely nothing within the short vids makes it in the long one. How Unwell these bastards are! The one types of integrity that I have discovered and would recommend are Rob Skiba and Zetetic any individual who a minimum of are honest.

Flat Earth Proof

Steven William Engelhardt:  is another Energetic Fb shill who who joined IFERS as "SyntasticSugar.com" that is his website. He also started out a "Flat Earth Wiki" internet site and hounded me for months to contribute to it when he hadn't nevertheless contributed just about anything to it himself. He at last produced a few paragraphs about the Bedford Degree, promoted it all over Fb like it was some terrific accomplishment, then further more pleaded to get me and others to lead to his Flat Earth Wiki which I just didn't have time for, and it seemed like he didn't either because of the state of it (very like Lori's lazily created, hardly ever updated FlatEarthConspiracy.

Thanks alot for the info. You are so ideal about Mark Sergent. He helps make The entire flat earth topic glimpse Silly. He's like Homer Simpson he seems to just get dumber and dumber as time goes on! He's un-listenable to me now. Whats with all the numerous several interviews he presents?

Guys, girls, men, occur on! Hurling bigoted epitaphs is surely under no circumstances enlightened and certainly such a scape-goating only serves the still left hand protocols of chaos and corruption. Naturally you'll find groups of people who find themselves performing in evil means! But this has minimal to perform with types ethnicity, IMO. The issue of evil goes much further than ethnicity. Moreover, After i go through some of these posts I get the feeling that God should be a bumbling idiot when compared to the almighty energy of Satan! Actually? God can be an inept doofus? Satan is so potent that God shakes in 'his' boots? Seriously? Wow! I hand over presently…..Glance, IMO, there are actually only and ever are actually two ways in which any person is usually 'selected' -- these I get in touch with the best hand protocols: don't buy and offer the Earth for revenue and don't exploit other everyday living varieties beyond reasonable evaluate for profit. If a person perceives these two premises then I believe they will do well plenty of on the Earth ( even though it might be even more advanced than that) after all, This can be the age with the still left hand protocols. But to say that God may be the writer of evil is not the same as saying that God needs evil! Evil exists, IMO, thanks to alternative! Pick properly and lifestyle is going to be improved ; choose inadequately and default to the left hand protocols that exist to manage inadequate conclusion earning.

By way of example: You may need self-proving analogies & plain facts to combat the takeover & your planned obsolescence. You will need to not "discussion" you must ridicule overtly. Be offensive (pronounced In either case you like), not defensive. As you recognize you kindly reply all of their thoughts & they respond to absolutely none of yours.

  His series, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy 2015" is sort of pathetic and laughable, but successfully hijacks my keyword phrases.  You may read through my debunking of his try at debunking me in this article. 

for me the determining element on whos a shill or not, comes from the postings,if they don't seem to be zetetic.. They're pie inside the sky.

I haven't genuinely been subsequent your work since you begun publishing your flat earth protection. My Mind-set is really comparable to Max Igan, dismissive. But, having study by way of your discussion with Max, I was pretty stunned.

  He was also to the radio with Mark before this 7 days admitting that, "Though my profile brand shows a flat Earth map, I'm not actually 100% a flat Earther, I am just a hundred% confident the Earth is not really a ball."  Once more, a supposed "primary" flat Earther stating on radio interviews that they're not even certain of their own personal get more info product!

I just located Andrew's entire blog site on this subject matter disturbing and helps make me problem his legitimacy to his reference to Dr. Judy Wood.

Who talks only about FE and refuses to convey a nasty phrase about any of his "peers" no matter what they connect with him, and who writes total essays in regards to the perceived faults of his fellow researchers? To me this is rather telling.

Erik, this looks clear-cut & to the point. You probably did it with course & stating the fallacies. The holographics is simply basic lunacy. I cant say I am 100% FE but surely 100% not a Sphere. For 28 several years I under no circumstances fell for your "Concept of Gravity" considering the fact that higher education physics lessons although getting philosophy. It taught to ask inquiries that can only be answered in the absolute. I wouldn't conform into the "averages" from the arithmetic. Seems to me if something is absolute than there really should be an absolute repeatable math equation. So for me all theories relating to Gravity are void.

Many thanks, Eric! Fantastic to understand who will and cannot be dependable so I do not squander my time. I am on p. sixty five of your ebook and am absolutely fascinated! Keep up the great operate! Also, I recommended you for an interview on two radio displays so, with any luck , They are going to be getting in touch with you... Peace and really like~

Getting watched the hatchet career which Math 'Jesuit' Boylan did on Eric only past evening, I needed to vent a bit, and ended up below. Believe me people, individuals that dismiss the Jewish Dilemma and worse - openly champion it - are positively and specifically your disinfo agents. Regardless of the Jews are shelling out Boylan, they will not get their shekel's worthy of. In truth, just the alternative. Not merely is he not convincing, he seems to get substantial on his alternative of illicit material. Just because an individual denies the Holohoax (a lie which cannot be sustained for much longer) doesn't signify 'shill.

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