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Falling from the midnight canvas Deadstar's the dazzling sparkle in your eye The memory of this moment left me in a trance And I say I've seen the light! Becoming the comet smashing the ground This hole that you see This is what the Deadstar used to be And everything you see, Volunteers for this unity Of time and space The place where it begins to erase This friction created from this Began Deadstar's journey to eternal bliss Pay no attetion to this hole Deadstar shines no light even when exposed As the canvas fades to perfect black Gives the Deadstar no reason to look back Here melding in the darkness The Deadstar's environment surely crumlbes Those ficticious fairy-tale beliefs and emptiness Together as one they comply Making wishes on dead stars in the sky Nothing but a simple prayer Just to see if he was ever there Deadstar in the sky Ponders in the minds of men to find the why As the formulas equate Absorbing the receeding inevitablity of our fate For that one shining chance Place the bet on our circumstance This is how the story goes Watching as our time unfolds Deadstar dying out without a word Staring into the amorphous blurr Reaching out to grab the light Deadstar's gonna make it all alright Feeling the current of the flow Everything slowly becoming known The match to find the spark The flame to make it's mark And the fires that burn us into life The end of all that seems to be Falling short of ultimate reality, although Deadstar's found his chance to be free And maybe, just maybe Deadstar will shine for eternity

Posted Nov 13, 2008 at 9:07pm



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The Nihilist The sun is in my pocket now And still I can't see the black Stretching the boundaries lost Don't think I'll be coming back I've waited in the pool of my disdain Taking notice to the wind Flowing swiftly in it's swirling pain My mirror laughs softly in my ear And I've fought the idea in my head Slowly sinking back without a trace of fear I still look for a reflection My life is living in crazy For everything gone is what I lack Broken down from lost promises My wings have flown away Running alone up on my own plateau From the beginning of the end of the day It's time to fade away My smile is a pale white slate To send away the emptiness But I fear it's already too late What little belief I had left Was licked clean from my dinner plate -Crazy Joe

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