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You didn't see it...it was not broadcast on the evening news...it did not make the headlines of the local paper but last week worlds changed, and new horizons were breeched in the voyage of discovery that lives inside each of us.

Redrick asked for more residents to write letters praising the police when they do good and be prepared to file in writing complaints about officers who compulsively do otherwise Officers do get fired Redrick said The city does care Several attendees said where two way radio possible people could talk to officers directly because officers don't always hear about letters supportive or otherwise sent to district headquarters.

I arrived home in Phoenix and began test driving Jaguars again. My thoughts were focused on Melinda most of the time; it was difficult to keep myself in the present moment. Melinda radio earpiece I talked on the phone every night, we hadn't missed a day since we met. We began to plan our next visit together.

Remember when video tapes came out? Back in the late 1970s, and at first there was Beta, then VHS eventually replaced it. Caused a real dent in my bank account, and it did change my movie watching habits, but not by any real large degree of magnitude. HBO came along, and now we could watch R movies at home instead of the dingy movie house down town, but you had to stay up until the wee hours to do it. So again no real life security stuff changing event.

That extra something we have is indescribable, we just call it our "Magic". We can't believe that this thing is true but there are no denying events that happen to us each day. The magic is all encompassing and seems to get better each day; this is not your typical new love flash. There is some other power to this magic, a separate and continuous entity that has been around for awhile. It's as if we knew each other in another life and have hooked up again for another try.

When choosing a channel, privacy and range should be your primary concerns. If you are using a FRS only channel walkie talkie because of government regulations your radio will only broadcast at a maximum of watts of power. This wattage will typically get you between half a mile, and one mile of range. If using a GMRS channel, you can get the maximum output power and range out of your two-way radio. However, if you are using a GMRS channel, you are required by the FCC to purchase a license to operate on those frequencies.

Knowing the types of questions you will face at the oral board is key; your key to preparation, and your key to pitching yourself to the board. One of the most asked about questions are the scenario questions. Scenario questions are somewhat self-explanatory, and they give the interviewee a situation with a tough decision at the conclusion. They will pit the interviewee against departmental norms, ethics, peer pressure, the law, and personal feelings. "Between a rock and a hard place," would be the best metaphor. These questions don't stop there. You will be challenged on your answer.

While you are fishing at night, file a fishing plan with someone so that he or she is aware of where to look for you in case something goes wrong. Ideally you should stay close to the shoreline while fishing at night. You can also take suggestions from the fishing guides who can give you some more ideas about how to keep yourself safer while fishing at night.

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