• Ashley! said:
    Hey whats up?! I'm Ashley and I'm really liking your artists- they are some of my favorites! I play guitar in this brand new Pop/Rock band from Richmond, Virginia called The Greater The Risk and I think you might dig our music too! Check us out @ purevolume.com/thegreatertherisk and download our single "Braver" for FREE! Hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think! :) May 09
  • JÆ follow -> @SWITCHINGTOGUNS said:
    Hiiiiiii!! =) Happy Thanksgiving!!! **if you celebrate** Hope you can share (and survive) a great day with close friends and family!! ;D Nov 26
  • my man is getting married, but i'm not.. T_T said:
    hey boi.. mind if i leave you a comment?? take care.. Apr 09
  • x scene said:
    what\'s upp :] Sep 11
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    cool...i g2g ttyl? Jul 06
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    cool.. ya like it in Chicago? Jul 06
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    i\'m from virginia..but i live in Pennsylvanina..U? Jul 02
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    thanks! So whats up? Jul 02
  • WUZNT ME... said:
    ure really hot :) whats up? Jul 01
  • ♥RisingHearts♥ said:
    Hey!! =) Whats up??? May 17
  • said:
    Schools great I have my last final tm actually.. then summer begins.. cant wait.. any plans for the summer??? I think Im heading to cozumel with some friends for the 4th of July.. and working.. but thats it chow em May 16
  • said:
    SO hello... my new friend...hows the weather? haha CHOW ~EMILY~ May 08
  • said:
  • said:
    HEY WHATS UP... Apr 24
  • The Vandon Army said:
    Apr 03
  • lovelyxlove said:
    thanks for the requesttt! =] Mar 25
  • incomplete-life said:
    heyy , wow you have a lot of really good bands :) - Jessica ♥ Mar 23
  • feedthefire said:
    hey whats up? We were wondering if you get any spare time could you check out our new recordings we just posted? www.purevolume.com/fatesteppedin www.myspace.com/fatesteppedin Let us know what you think! Thank you Mar 19
  • visions.of.love said:
    So how\'s about I miss your face like crazy? insane a lil? I still want an invite to that next white trash bash you had awhile ago lol Krista xo. Feb 28
  • said:
    Hey whats up? i hope you accept my add request, I was just surfin around PV looking for people who might wana check out my band, Stealing Jane... Let me know what you think ok? Id love to see us on your favs :-P ttyl! -bryce Feb 27

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  • General: Yeaaa Cartel!!!

    CARTEL is the best band ever!!!!! Anyone going to the Warped Tour in Chicago to see Cartel is sweet. I will definitely be there!!

    Jul 25, 2006



Just moved to Chicago in May '07 and it's a ton of fun. I looooove anything that has to do with music, except country! Cartel, 311, Incubus, & Fall Out Boy are some of the favs. Definitely lean more towards the pop/punk side of music also so I'm always up for talking to people who like the same music. Always enjoy talking to cool girls too...especially when they are into the same music. Wanna ask me somethin, just ask.

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