• Chauntecleer said:
    Hello there-- I\'m a big fan of your worship music! If you get a chance, check out my band The Long Tomorrow. Mar 08
  • Blameless Child said:
    Hey! New songs! check em out k? www.purevolume.com/blamelesschild much love:) Feb 03
  • W said:
    a freind of deathcab is a friend of mine, plus your older than me which is rare on this website Jan 18
  • jesusrocksmysocks2006 said:
    Wow! You sound awesome! And you have such a wonderful voice! Hope you have a happy holiday and maybe I\'ll talk to you soon! Hugs and God Bless! ~Kim~ Dec 10
  • (GameGirl) said:
    Hey, man. Keep rockin for God! Sep 18
  • zachDB said:
    ?? Aug 24
  • jofler said:
    hello whit ther artists on you list i think you would like trusted few you find them on my side have a nice day jofler Aug 24
  • said:
    I would really appreciate it if you listened to my music and gave me some feedback. CLick the banner to check it out: Aug 02
  • said:
    Hey I love ur music... The first time I heard of u was in Louisiana when u did a concert for Family Life Christian Fellowship... It was awesome:) Jul 26
  • sheena_hearts_dresdendolls said:
    Haha....sure....so wats up? Jul 19
  • $HoLla GiRl$ said:
    heyyy! thanx for addin\'! god bless ya1 Jul 19
  • x Hello Tokyo x said:
    you have a great sound Jul 07
  • paulbaloche said:
    there\'s new music at my artist site. give it a listen when you can. PAUL Visit my Purevolume site! Jun 15
  • Blameless Child said:
    Hey Jason! Thanks for being our friend!your music is amazing, we are your fans!! Jun 06
  • drummer1 said:
    jmo rocks out loud.yeah May 14
  • Deeperwithin said:
    hey check out my music....tell me if u like it...add me to favs if its good there is a link on my page..go to that cmb May 12
  • said:
    hey thax for the mess. i not allowed to use my space sry May 11
  • said:
    sry i sound like a stoker but no worries i am not u r just the first christian music i eva listen to and so i went on search and looked for some more May 06
  • Recycled_Phrases said:
    yep. no problem. i absolutely love your music. mckendra. Apr 28
  • O-rosco said:
    Jason, where do you draw ideas from, I under stand that your word are expression of a deper faith, but I have grate songs but no cosistant words, the worst part is that I write poetry, you would think that I would be some linguest, can you help me..... -J Apr 28

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