• Mike! said:
    Wow I didnt think anyone else from Buffalo knew what purevolume was haha. Jun 13
  • onetouchban1 said:
    ohh im so sorry ill apologize now for the pain 3 months in advance :) May 07
  • onetouchban1 said:
    y dont u find a job? :) May 06
  • onetouchban1 said:
    jobs suck!!! but i luv money :) May 06
  • onetouchban1 said:
    hey just got out of work sorry i mised that :) May 05
  • onetouchban1 said:
    not much working out about to go work out then showere befor going to work :) u? May 05
  • [thisISN'ToverTILLiSAYitsOVER] said:
    Which would you rather have come to house, Revolver or Tiger Beat? May 04
  • onetouchban1 said:
    hii :) May 04
  • Roy Hardcuore said:
    sorry to bother u. im roy, from hardcuore (a hardcore/pop punk band from argentina). if you want you can add us as band here in purevolume :) http://www.purevolume.com/hardcuore May 01
  • Random HEROO! said:
    what it iss! Apr 27
  • [thisISN'ToverTILLiSAYitsOVER] said:
    You like iwrestledabearonce and The Jonas Brothers? Interesting. Apr 26

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