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Daniel The Photographer

Powerpop / Christian / Experimental

Bartlett, TN

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From First to Last Pro

Screamo / Post Hardcore / Punk

Los Angeles, CA

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Atreyu Pro

Rock / Metal

Orange County, CA

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Against All Authority Pro

Punk / Ska

Fort Lauderdale, FL

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Twelve Gauge Valentine

Hardcore / Rock / Bluegrass

Bastrop, LA

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  • alixandra. said:
    Hey cutie(: Sep 30
  • Cara said:
    well you know milk does the body good:D haha i dont even like milk, but i bet your nonexistent asian uncle would still own me at volleyball, our team isn't that great. Aug 06
  • Kiss me muah* said:
    me, nothing really, jus about to write some song to download on my new mp3 player, and wat took you so long at writin back i miss talkin to you. :( Aug 06
  • theKuntKilla said:
    heehee.ive got like so many nicknames! Aug 06
  • Carla Isabelle said:
    horrible. :( my best friend couldnt come to my birthday party because he had work. but instead of going to work, he went to the hospital from an overdoes on zantrex... :( he wasn't allowed to sleep all that night because his heart would stop.. it ended my day with tears. D': another thing is that he's been doing cocaine and he wont stop until he sees me. school doesn't count D: jake what do i do?! DX Aug 06
  • theKuntKilla said:
    hahaha!!!thats so funny.well you can call me wat ever you want.it makes not difference to me! Aug 06
  • Cara said:
    iknow mistuhhh jake:( i'm good same old, volleyball practices for tryouts started and the freshies are nice, so its good lol, you? Aug 06
  • theKuntKilla said:
    still long enough that i almost coulnt remember wat you were talking about.hi jake.=]im maria. Aug 06
  • Cara said:
    yo Aug 06
  • theKuntKilla said:
    geeze bro i sent you that coment like forever ago!lol. Aug 06


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  • General: Man o lantern "/

    Sooo.. i dont like myspace. people just seem so much nicer on PV man :) I gotz me some new vans yo da is da major shit yo.. talk to me peeps :) ima supa bored "/…

    Jul 03, 2008



OMG!! im so srry for being away so long :( every thing is so hectic right now, but i promise all u girlys that comment i will get back to you, eventually :D Much Love :)

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