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My Favorite Highway

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Vienna, VA

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Crown Point, IN

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Linkin Park (M.T.M)

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Lifehouse Pro

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Agoura Hills, CA

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New York, NY

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  • Sweet Cake said:
    Hey guyz check this HardCore/Alternative group from Brazil http://www.purevolume.com/BiggestLie :)Escute Biggest Lie - HardCore/Alternativo http://www.myspace.com/biggestlierockers :)thankssssssss Jul 13
  • Jackson said:
    hello:) I member group "At breakfast" I let you on the purevolume and listen to some of what we do! pop / punk / rock http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 12
  • Ameriken2 said:
    Hey SARAH....Check out the my music and download the tracks for free if u get a chance....Click the link below.... May 15
  • superman said:
    nothing new u? just listening to awesome music! Mar 14
  • #1 pervert said:
    thnx 4 the add my name is alex Mar 14
  • HelloJecka said:
    I\'ve never heard of Nothern Valley. Wait. I lied yes I have. I don\'t know where it is though. Since I live in Connecticut, woo. Dec 14
  • HelloJecka said:
    my school\'s like that too we had our first snow day yesterday and i hated it. i can deal with 90minute delays (ike today) but, i\'m still dead tired, etc. so where\'s norwood? Dec 14
  • HelloJecka said:
    mm nothing much really i\'m at school right now which is really annoying. we had snow and a 90 minute delay so everything is all fucked up. i\'m angelica. whats new with you? Dec 03
  • pagnottine said:
    why hello Nov 16
  • said:
    Hey, I\'m heather...how r u?? : ) Nov 14


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  • General: idk 2

    sooo i dont know what 2 do at alll all of my friends are wack jobs but i dont care cuz there cool i'm known as the 'cool' emo person whatever....

    Dec 13, 2007

  • General: nooo

    John is leaving and jeff is coming. I am so sadd. John is the best teacher in the world. JKS! y john???

    Dec 09, 2007

  • General: Close your eyes

    Close your Eyes Close your eyes . What do you see? Do you remember when we used to banter with each other? Do you see our avowed island where you and I only know about…

    Nov 01, 2007


    nooooo Mr.Kline won!!!!! he ran for teacher of the state and he won, he is my favorite teacher cuz he knows what he is talking about. One bad thing about him is that he…

    Oct 04, 2007

  • General: ouitline 11-5 for Social Studies it took me 1 and half hours!!!!

    Sarah . 8-Sullivan 11-5 I. Lack of preparation for war A. the United States paid privateers 1.armed ships 2.owned by initials ready to fight B. the British were able…

    Sep 26, 2007



oh god. my friends are idiots. but that is why i love them so much. my town is full of snobby ppl who think they are rich but they really are not. they call me emo but i am who i am. they do not know who they are cuz they like labels. i think my garage/carage house is bigger than most ppls houses. What Type Of Girl Are You?PunkIf ur a punk u answered all the answers to get this........u like Punk Rock music......u might think u hate ur self but believe me u don't..........u just say that to be it.........punk is not that popular.......but whatever u got it and u are it.........so dance around and say iam not a poser but deep inside u know u are...........Myspace Quizzes school is not cool all i want to be in life is a musician and that is only an a dream and i can feel how it is to be a rockstar at SOR!!

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