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  • LokoStyle said:
    Hi roxie! how are u? so many time without talk i hope you'll be fine! kisses! Bye! =) Aug 06
  • Rock´nRollBoy182 said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "Biggest Lie" http://www.purevolume.com/biggestlie :) add Biggest Lie..ok?! bye and keep rockkk Aug 05
  • Sweet Cake said:
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  • Yado said:
    I finally decided to fire up the old purevolume. Jun 05
  • those,three,words said:
    oh rad dood Jun 05


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OKAY IF YOUR ADDING ME YOUR TALKING TO ME NOT ADDING ME JUST BECAUSE...well for starters my name is Roxy...well Roxanne to be exact but i really go by Roxy :D. i am 17 years old..i love to paint, talk about anything, dance in the rain, go to concerts and jump in some mosh pits haha, listening to music, being around my friends =), meet new people, im a really good listener and i will listen if your willing to trust me, i write poems i guess you could say but i cant seem to write lyrics too well lol its strange, and soo much more that i cant think of so comment or add me dont be shy i will comment you back..i always do =]---------here are my tags :D---lets see i woud have to say soo many things but to jot some of them down would be...MUSIC!! haha :D dancing.jumping around.goofing around with my friends.talking about music and helping out bands.dancing in the rain with someone i wanna spend the moment with =).going to concerts.mosh pits.crowd surfi, i admit it lol.im a lifeguard and i have saved lives =).trying to get good grades and have fun at the same time (i wanna go to college you know lol).i like shoes but who doesnt =) i have 2 pairs of converse and a bunch of skater shoes haha.getting kicked out of target for playing tag with Nerf Guns!! yeaa!playing hide and go seek in department stores. planning pranks against eachother in the mall.running from mall security haha that was funni.running through sprinklers.wishing off dandlelions and shooting stars.hanging out on the peir and main street.I LOVE HUGS--and not the crappy hugs i mean the i'll never let you go hug =) those are wonderful.=].playing guitar.meeting new people.getting lost in the music.learning new things.i wanna see the world and not buy looking at a television.i like talking to people a lot and im a texter so hand me your number and ill text ya haha =] if you ever need me whether your a new friend or oe that ive been friends with for a while you should know im always around =]. by the way i really like writing what i feel so if you ever do read them comment me back and tell me what you think. HERES MY SN FOR AIM: RxAnn91

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