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I freaking hate how when I LOVEEE a band BEFORE they get famous, I get made fun of. But as soon as they get famous and are "cool", then EVERYONE who made fun of me for liking them suddenly loves them and begs me to take them to a concert. I cannot stand that!!! Or, most of all, when people go to a concert and only know the songs that made the band famous. Like My Chemical Romance, for example. They are and WERE an amazing band LONNGGGGG before the Black Parade CD was ever released. It started with I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love. That was their first ever CD and, might I say, it was INCREDIBLE! Next came their second CD, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. It, also, was amazing. I was utterly stunned at the audacity of it. Its angst, its aggressiveness, its power! Everything about it was just simply amazing. And then fame hit. They were made famous within weeks of their first release of the song Im Not Okay. I was stoked that they were getting recognized, but I never thought that all these people who made fun of me for liking their music would be the next #1 fans of My Chem. It honestly pissed me off. I hate it. Every time I get a GREAT feeling about a band, they most of the time get famous. And then every single person that made fun of me for believing in them ends up being a bigger fan than I am [supposedly]. It is ridiculous. People are fake. Ill admit. Ive had some fake moments where Im caught pretending to be something else for a split second, but never have I made fun of someone for liking something/someone and then turned around and been in love with the very thing I harassed them for. This world has made a line since the beginning of time between fake and real, faade and face, and false and true. And this generation has decimated that line. That line is so thin now; its hard to tell whos being real and whos following the trends. And trends are another thing! What is a freakin trend?!? All it is, quite honestly, is someone who decided one day that they wanted to wear something. It caught on and other people decided they liked it too. No one is really original so people need to stop saying they are. Everyone at one point in their lives has gotten their ideas from someone else. No one has really ever made up what theyre going to wear, do or say. Ill be honest; Ive known people who have really started trends. I being one of those girls. I started wearing a heart under my eye just because I thought it was super cute. I wanted to be like Panic! At the Disco, because at the time, I was rather obsessed with them. I wanted to make my eyes a canvas, a masterpiece if you will. Yes, I did start the trend in my stupid little town, but I got the idea from someone/somewhere else. In all reality, if you think youve actually started something new, youve only started something youve seen somewhere else in a smaller place that just hasnt seen it yet. No one is the Scene Queen. No one is the King of Scene. No one started the trend of wearing skinny jeans. It was brought around in the 19 freakin 00s! Pioneers wore the tight pants before chicks even THOUGHT about wearing pants. Girls wore dresses and boys wore tight pants. Girls honestly look either like dudes or like fake mannequins. And the only reason they really want to look like that is because that is the new trend. Someone saw someone else that looked like a mannequin and decided to do the same. It caught on like fire and now everyone is doing it. Even Ive become subject to this! And I think its getting QUITE out of control.AlrightI feel better now. Thanks. Brittney Shields

Posted Mar 09, 2007 at 12:00am

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  • CindyElizabeth. said:
    HAH, i agree one hundred percent with you on this. especially about the band thing. it does get rather annoying. Sep 18

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