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  • General: she won't die

    I don't know what it is. This bitch just won't stop breathing! She is the part of me that I wish would just cease to exist. Every bad thing about me revolves around…

    Apr 02, 2007

  • General: eeew [everyone needs to read what i've just written]

    I freaking hate how when I LOVEEE a band BEFORE they get famous, I get made fun of. But as soon as they get famous and are "cool", then EVERYONE who made fun of me for…

    Mar 09, 2007

  • General: haha the jeep song

    by the dresden dolls: "The Jeep Song" I've been driving around town With my head spinning around Everywhere i look i see Your '96 jeep cherokee You're a bully and a…

    Mar 01, 2007

  • General: life...and death

    life. it ends so quickly. to innocent and criminals alike. life. it happens so fast and can be taken away just as fast. something as stupid and selfish as suicide only…

    Mar 09, 2006



hiii i'm brittney i'm rad [obviously] i love music[duh] i like several boys i lovvee myspace my fave color is green i am done with friends i'm sick of heartbreak i hate bad grammar i love candy i'm bored alot i'm NOT original news flash NO ONE IS!!! i am a bit trendy because i set my own trends i can never think of anything "cute" to put in these things i am funny sometimes. most of the time i pop off with stupid random crap i hate stupid chicks hence the reason i'm straight and hence the reason drama follows me actually i hate drama but it follows me everywhere so do evil brain eating zombies i can be confrontational i'm BLUNT don't like it? go CRY emo person i like pears i like boys and i HATE the color bright yellow.. i also hate yellow skittles they make me wanna vomit up pineapples gahh i love invader zim my myspace is myspace.com/helloimrad i'm so sick of the fine line between fake and real. i'm tired all the time i can be poetic i love boys that sing pretty they make me go lalala =]] this is me don't like me? go die. kthnx buh bye!!! .x.brittney.x. Add her cuz she is cute, fun, she'll whore you, she'll pc4pc, and because you love her. duhhhh

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