Added Jun 25, 2009



Friends (11)

  • Jake!

    49 Favorite Artists


  • RYAN.

    67 Favorite Artists

    25, Male

  • skyler

    100 Favorite Artists

    24, Male

  • Ethan

    78 Favorite Artists

    24, Male

  • clark ¾

    54 Favorite Artists

    23, Male



I am: An oxymoron, A friend, a listener, A contradiction, A daughter, a sister, A tree-huger, A poet who speaks in riddles. I am nothing but who I am. I thrive off of music. When one listens to my heartbeat, they do not hear, "lub dup," they hear the beat to my favorite songs.... There are rarely any moments of my day that I do not find music running through my head or playing in my ears. It is who I am, for what I am known.

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