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Remember Transformers? If you replied yes then you likely grew up with them. Should you remember the Transformers animation I am willing to wager you also remember the Transformer Toys! If so then congratulations you were a typical American kid. The line of die casting North America Transformers Playthings is a long one stretching back a lot of the newer generation were even born. These were the timeless ones that filled our hearts with happiness.\n\n\n\nCover your party table with a theme table cover and make use of a police siren or a traffic light as a centerpiece! Add cups, napkins and plates to complement your birthday cake, ice cream, and other snacks.\n\nIn the event you were a gearhead as a child, you probably still have some of your die cast model cars from your childhood. Maybe you've passed them on to your own children, or your grandkids. How many plastic toy cars get passed on from generation to generation? Not many.\n\n\n\nA good one to start with is J. Chien and Co. All these are metal litho playthings. Adults may remember the metal sand pails as a young child in the 1930-70s. Adults were sold at many stores including the F.W. Woolworth Co. Collectors seek about them in good condition. Most are quite rusty and collectors bypass those.\n\nPrice is often times the determining reason behind the things we do, right? Well perhaps this will be the situation once again when picking out die casting machine a model train set. The O Scale tends to be slightly more expensive then the other scale trains. If money isn't an issue that's right for you, then by all means consider the O Scale. But if you're not sure about whether you want to go on with the model train hobby a couple of months from now, then you definitely may wish to think about starting out with more economical scales, including the N or the HO.\n\nSo by now you're no doubt asking an important question: where is New Moon video game or the Twilight? At press time, there's not one, but Nintendo is currently creating one for the DS plus the Wii. Look for them in mid to late 2010.\n\nIn addition they produced a lot of pull toys. Many may recall #130 Wobbles from 1964 67; 1972-78; Snoopy Sniffer which was made as #180 in 1938-54 and as #181 from 1961-80 was made by Molly Moo Cow #132.\n\nThat away, I enjoyed the appearance of these kits. They have 100% pasted laminate finishes, poplar wood shells and accu-melody bass drum hoops. I really don't know if I'm a lover of the bass drum hoops. They're made of composite material with the tuning rod holes assembled into the hoop. It would appear the same if your tom hoops were on your kick drum only made of composite material(what's that mean? see the pic below) instead of aluminum. A 5-bit configuration, made up of 10"and 12"toms, 14x14" floor tom, 14x5.5 snare, and a 22x18 kick. The package also contains 14"hats, 16"crash, 20" ride, plus a free 10" splash made by Meinl. It is going to die casting method cost you $699.99 at Guitar Center.

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