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  • Jackson said:
    hi:) I recommend listening to this pop punk rock band called "At Breakfast a style like that of Fall Out Boy http://www.purevolume.com/atbreakfast thanks , good luck! Jun 06
  • "the few,the proud,...the sexy" said:
    yeah its crazy! now i gotta cut my hair! Aug 07
  • Ben Brabec said:
    lol well thanks Jessica. and its a ranch. i work with the horses and stuff, and mow for the people that own it. they're really nice... anyways, do you have a purevolume account? ill add you if you do. -(and hopefully me commenting back to you on alexis' profile dosen't like, make her mad or anything) Jun 20
  • Ben Brabec said:
    HA, i wish it were exciting. Im working on someones farm. i live in nebraska so its pretty common amongst us teens. im 14 too, and am working to be able to buy a car. im just gonna get my dads ford tauras. and stupid gas is so dang expensive these days, so i have to have a steady job so im probably going to work there a while... but at least you technically have a car, i dont own it yet, but im looking at it right now! lol Jun 19
  • Ben Brabec said:
    lol no its fine, i was just wondering. today was the first day i came back to my profile in like, yea, a really long time....this is a little "off the path" but do you have a job? Jun 19
  • Ben Brabec said:
    lol that would be really annoying...i had my billboard up, but then took it down cause i made it a long time ago, and it sounded sort of wierd lol. im trying to figure out what to put about me now, but im so boring...any suggestions?? and how did you get that quiz to get on your profile? i took it, and then didnt know what to do afterwords... Jun 19
  • Ben Brabec said:
    oh its pretty cool and fun...hows yours? lol Jun 19
  • Ben Brabec said:
    So i finally got a picture of me like you said i should :P I know you don't know me, and this was random, but whatever. Jun 19
  • Adam Hale said:
    i'm slowly teaching myself keyboard cause i've always wanted to play it. and if you play the keys or piono then guitar is so much easier. May 24
  • Adam Hale said:
    Yeah, i sometimes have no time. but then again i don't really do anything else but play guitar, skate, and listen to music. by the way teaching yourself is the best way to go. May 24


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Hey everybody!!! I'm Lexi and i'm 14 years old. I love all kinds of music! i like to play guitar, i'm not very good yet, but that's gonna change so yeah. ummm i'm a sophmore (yeeaah!!) in high school. i love it and i guess i'm a pretty good student. i go to ZCA. it rocks. i play volleyball,and softball. i LOVE singing. i do it all the time, even though i don't sound the best...lol. I do go to church. I absolutely love it! Yes, I am a Christian, and it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. God is my hero (literally! lol) I want to live for him the best I can. I want to let my light shine for all to see and I'm not ashamed. I want everyone to be able to see Christ in me and say, " Hey, you know that Lexi girl, dude there's something different about her." I kinda feel the calling to be a missionary, but I'm staying right here for now. lol.

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