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The Internet History of The Psychics & Mediums Network
By Craig Hamilton-ParkerINTERNET HISTORY - Internet?
What's the Internet?I
first heard about the Internet in 1984 from a friend who worked
for the secret service and in particular was working with
the Star Wars Project initiated by Ronald Reagan. At that
time the Internet was still rooted as a military communications
system but was now beginning to be used by academics and soon
a company called Quantum Computer Services was to open the
system to the general public in America. (The Internet was
created in 1969 as a military network called ARPAnet -Advanced
Research Projects Agency network. Quantum Computer Services
changed its name to AOL in 1989)
My friend was very enthusiastic about the civilian applications
of the Internet and the cross-cultural implication. I was
intrigued by this and hoped one day to own a computer so that
I could participate in this project.
At the time I had no idea how important the Internet would
become to my spiritual work but it is interesting how even
then - not long after having met the medium Doris Stokes -
the spirit world may have been giving me a few hints about
the future through synchronous coincidences?INTERNET HISTORY - The site
gets started
I started the website in 1996 using a very crude text editing
design tool from a PC magazine cover disk. The first image
I created was the familiar watermark of the dragon logo that
has since been animated. There are a few early versions of
the website on the Internet site at www.archive.org which
cases websites from the early Internet. To see it (a cache
exists to about 1998 but most of it is the 'has moved' pages)
you will need to search for the original URL.
The original URL for this site was:
http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/ TVPsychics/
(There is still a small site on CompuServe that redirects
now to the new site)INTERNET HISTORY - Original
I built the site in order to promote my first book 'The Psychic
Workbook' and also as a means to publish information that
the publishers rejected from the original. The book was originally
designed to help people develop mediumship but this was deemed
too scary for the publishers intended audience. It also became
a useful reference point for people watching mine and Jane's
first television series on The Big Breakfast and subsequent
TV shows.
Soon the site began to grow from its original ten pages as
I introduced new themes that inspired me. Although I had formally
worked in the graphics industry (pre-computer graphics www.corporateweb.co.uk
) designing websites was unknown territory.
Eventually I discovered chatrooms and had unique idea. What
would happen if we were to use a chatroom setting to give
psychic demonstrations? Some American psychics were already
using chatrooms to give readings but so far nobody had ever
used chatrooms to build a psychic community. My site was getting
200 visitors a day, which in those days was a lot of hits.
(Today we register many thousands of hits per day) There were
enough visitors to build a community.
To establish the community I asked people to subscribe to
a newsletter so meeting times could be set up. In addition
I set up a message board to support the community and of course
set up a chatroom. Gradually the community started to grow
until a point came when people were chatting on the site 24/7.
Along side the growth of the community the site grew too.
At the time my main income was coming from my psychic newspaper
articles and column. Much of this material together with extracts
from my books became the basis of the many thousands of pages
of the Network today.INTERNET HISTORY - The first
The first chatroom was a free java chat application from
www.xoom.com It was a very crude one room system but we managed
with it for a number of years. To supervise the discussions
I introduced a staff system and an approved reader system.
One person who helped us to get all this in order was a helper
called MEL who from time to time would sack or appoint staff
to ensure that we only had sincere and emotionally stable
To make it clearer we introduced a prefix system to make
distinctions. Today we have settled on M+ for members, S+
for staff and T+ for teachers. This system went through a
lot of changes before we got it right and has since been directly
copied by other sites that try to mimic our community. During
these years everything on the site was free and I funded the
sites from my own pocket. It was becoming very hard to give
the time and the money to the site as during these early years
my income from writing and clairvoyance was extremely low
indeed. I was struggling to stay afloat!INTERNET HISTORY
- We nearly lose the Psychic Community
In all groups of people -including spiritual communities-
there are occasional fallings out and our community was no
exception. The first fall out happened when staff and visitors
started arguing between themselves. Most of this was just
silly squabbling but it grew into a real problem. All my time
was getting sucked into managing the free online chatroom
and it became clear to me that this could not continue or
my work as a writer and TV psychic would suffer so I closed
the chatrooms.
Suddenly my email box was flooded with pleading emails for
me to re-open the site. It became clear that a great many
people lived and breathed the Psychics Chatroom so I re-opened
it. Eventually we managed to stabilize things and we identified
and removed most of the troublemakers. We had a second and
more serious problem later when our security staff (called
gatekeepers G+) and our psychics (called helpers H+) fell
out. Unfortunately this turned quite nasty for a while and
it was clear that we would not survive unless sweeping changes
were made.
Our most loyal helpers saved the day. In particular Vi Kipling
(T+Sibyl) Caz Cartwright (T+Hemen), Kathryn Spence (T+Amymone),
Doris Smith (T+Harmonia), Andrea Maher (T+Althaea) NeColle
(T+Tyche) and Martin Colclough (T+Hesiod) as well as Leslie
Hall (T+Psyche) with hubby Terry (T+Lancelot) rushed to my
aid and helped me to get the site on its feet. We had to close
the message boards and employ expensive specialist designers
to build us the security system we have now which allows us
to permanently remove troublemakers. Without their unremitting
support we would have certainly lost the site.
While all this was happening some of the people we removed
set up their own Psychic Chatrooms and then directly targeted
our site to get people to visit them. You can imagine that
after all the years of work to get this project working, the
financial sacrifices made and the huge dedication of our loyal
staff, that this made us feel somewhat upset. Plagiarising
our idea was bad enough but these people also used underhand
ways to infiltrate our community and members email list.
It has taken years to get the system right and years to establish
a regular flow of people and years to build this huge website
and members area. The hard lessons from this time are one
of the reasons that we are now tough on anyone who comes to
our site to use it as a means to their own ends. People still
come to specifically find out about and copy our system but
we are much sharper than we were and have a wonderful dedication
from many members who have been visiting us regularly for
- We go commercial
The problems prompted me to make the site into much more
of a commercial venture. If I hadn't have done this it would
have drained me of time and money. I t was essential to keep
the original dream of the altruistic intent to help others
via the community but now I had to also generate an income
for the site (and me) to survive. I expanded the Psychic Shop
section of the site, introduced the telephone psychics system
and set up a subscription basis for the members teaching area.
These now fund the site, pay for my hours of work maintaining
the site and contribute to my livelihood. In addition, the
option is available to our teachers to do email reading via
the psychic shop so that they too can benefit from the site
if they want to.INTERNET HISTORY
- The way forward
The site has now not only survived but also grown to become
the best psychic and mediumistic teaching site on the Net.
Many new volunteers continue to join us both as staff and
teachers. Some of these mediums I have known for many years.
For example Keith Baldwin (T+Hawkwind) was one of the mediums
who sat opposite to me in our first development circle with
the medium Peter Close and Bill Landis. Other friends have
joined from my own home circle, from Vi's friends or been
inspired to become part of the current team. You only need
to read the profiles on our staff pages to see what wonderful
people are helping us with this work.
There is a huge amount of inspiration expressing itself through
this site. I am sure that the free area, the exciting online
Elysium classes and the many real time seminars we are organising
will be of great benefit to the many thousands of people who
pass through this site.
I am very proud to be associated with such people and am
endlessly inspired by the love and warmth which shines from
this website that started what seems so long ago now on those
few humble pages on CompuServe.

Posted Mar 17, 2016 at 12:47pm



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