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  • AndN said:
    “AMAZING journey” http://www.purevolume.com/UFANCY/videos/4474008/SPACE+UF+-+001+ Jun 17
  • SOfi Ou said:
    refresh your ears listening some freaking good music on www.purevolume.com/afewmemories Cheers from Paraguay! Jul 06
  • xradxdeadxuhmazing said:
    no problem :] but it was CANCELLLEDDD. and RESCHEDULEDD. IKNOWWW. I have no idea why it is all linky. its all annoying. Dec 12
  • xradxdeadxuhmazing said:
    liiike nothinn. I\'m about to watch the last Tila Tequila episode. I hope she chooses Dani :] Dec 11
  • xradxdeadxuhmazing said:
  • Wubbzy said:
    aw well i hope your feeling better :) im doing good. im just SUPER tired because i stayed up really late last night :// Dec 11
  • Treeh Leroy said:
    Lol.. Yes, my hair is as bright, I have a big bottle of the dye, I get to redye it every so often. Lol, you have not heard of the Sport of Curling? Youtube it. ;) hahahaha. =P Dec 11
  • Treeh Leroy said:
    Lol. Nevermind. :P Dec 11
  • Treeh Leroy said:
    Awh, I so messed that comment up. (: Forgot my hahah. ;( Dec 11
  • Treeh Leroy said:
    AWh, thanks love. And my hair\' accually has blonde at the top, but it\'s not much of it and doesn\'t really show in pictures ;P Hahaha. And it\'s going great. Been missing days for our annual curling turni for christmas.. (yes; nerdy.) I know.. haha. (: so how bout... Any sports? :) Dec 11


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  • General: I HATE CHRISTMAS.

    okay. so the deal is, i really hate christmas. BUT. if you are wondering what you should get me? ;D here are some things i really want. random shit. a gloomy bear. bow…

    Dec 09, 2007

  • General: hahaha, sorry i post a lot of blogs. :/

    there's this girl in my gym class and she doesn't get that i can't play basketball. she talks too her "amazing" life. yea, newsflash, you look like a man, i don't care…

    Dec 07, 2007

  • General: concerts.

    these are just some bands i've seen live. :] karate high school. panic! at the disco. lives of famous men. dylan gilbert. wilco. circa survive. alesana. oh c…

    Nov 30, 1999

  • General: dead.

    fuck aids. i want to be the thing causing most of the human race to die off. i'll be like that asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs. only i'd kill people. mission i…

    Dec 07, 2007

  • General: casey calvert of hawthorne heights is dead....

    woah. so casey calvert from hawthorne heights is dead.... he was only 26, poor kid. and i just started liking them. i wonder how the band is doing. i feel REALLY bad…

    Nov 27, 2007



HI I'M TIGERR. and according to tyreq i'm a dirty trick. i love mr. t , asians, & african children. :D technoboy is my hero. aimitfurreal= iamthetigerr

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