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Breath caught and muffled by white noise

Lies dormant,

Buried beneath a layer of frost.

Ice chisels away at crisp rays of sunshine

With a bitter bitten edge,

Torn and jagged.


Crystal tears glazed like frosting

Trip over glossy ridges and free-fall,

Leaving quiet footprints in a glaring solar reflection.

Steely cold and sweet pine cauterize the air,

And a million pearls glint back at the sky.


A bird’s song carries into empty whiteness,

Breathing life into the dead sea.


The sun sits low in the sky

Like an egg yolk ready to spill across the pale evergreens.

Sparse carpets of color reveal themselves,

And branches toss heavy pillows to woolen blankets,

Melting stitch by stitch.

Posted Jan 21, 2012 at 7:59pm



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