• Camisetas said:
    hiiii Mar 29
  • Swamp of Blood said:
    listen www.purevolume.com/sextorm Dec 22
  • Eric Rico said:
    listen this sick fucking band... www.purevolume.com/swampofblood .... fucking sick vocals! Feb 04
  • benn franklin said:
    heyy whats up? heard my band yet? :] Jan 16
  • Alana in Wonderland said:
    Thanks u like it lol Dec 10
  • Taylor777 said:
    www.purevolume.com/Beacons My band just put up a NEW SONG called Wolves, check it out and tell us what you think THANK YOU and check out our facebook and youtube page www.facebook.com/beaconsfl www.youtube,com/beaconsbandfl Dec 05
  • Molly. :) said:
    Hello (: I make covers of songs and put them on youtube. [: if you're interested sometime, you should definetely check them out. (: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j2o8dcdF08&feature=channel_video_title Sep 19
  • Audrey said:
    haha yeah i am:P. good old Cumming GA Sep 06
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    haha nice nice! my first day of college was last tuesday! so far...it's pretty awesome...stressful but good lol haaha yeah i'd say that's a good start to senior year! i'm going to a tech school so most students are guys...some are really cute lol but hope everything is okay with the hurricane and stuff! Aug 29
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    hey! how have you been? Aug 28
  • alex. said:
    hello, i do vocals for my band Your Traitor, My Ally, if you could take the time to check us out and give us a chance i would really appreciate it a lot. thanks! :) http://www.facebook.com/yourtraitormyally Aug 21
  • shelbizzyeatsbabies said:
    Haha shuree! ^^ Aug 11
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    haha alot of things. one summer i had 4 new phones. let's see..dropped one under a car and it got ran over, dropped another in the toilet, lost one and found it the next day..it was left outside in the heat and the sim card got fried. then the one i had before the phone i have now just crapped out haha. i can't remember what happened to the others. i think another one had a sim card fried too. pretty bad huh? lol but i'm taking goood care of this one Aug 10
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    yeah. my mom was ready to bite my head off but my dad laughed haha. that would suck soo bad. i have phone issues..i've never had a phone more than a year XD Aug 10
  • Helmut21 said:
    Of course yes (; is so good, my entire music life is in there xd take a look, u'll like thought ^^ Aug 10
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    haaha! i felt like an idiot. i forgot i put it there because my friend matt started talking to me. then i walked away. when i realized i couldn't find it he called my mom's work where i was at and was like "uh yeah i think your phone flew of the roof" like he couldn't tell me before it flew off! wow that sucks! mine had a few scratches and that was it! Aug 10
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    that's awesome! i got a new phone back in march! my first one with a full keyboard..i typed so slow at first haaha! omgosh! don't do what i did! like a month after i got my phone i set it on the roof of my best friend's car and forgot it there..she drove off with it up there! it flew into the street. had to run out in busy traffic to get it! Aug 10
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    haha what's upp? Aug 10
  • kelsielovesyouu (: said:
    hey! Aug 10
  • Helmut21 said:
    You're totally right... Yeah thats pretty badass, we enjoy the musical world lol u have profile in Lastfm? o: it's such a damn good music page xd Aug 10

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